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For the company, see West Tek.
For the location in Fallout, see West Tek research facility.

West Tek research center is a location in the Savage Divide region of Appalachia in 2102.


Experiments using the Forced Evolutionary Virus (FEV) were conducted from this facility and Appalachian super mutants were created here. FEV was introduced to the drinking water of Huntersville. The FEV vats near the back entrance were neutralized by Carl Wurth and Spielman on the orders of Supervisor Bardwell within the first week after the bombs dropped.[1] Although the vats are no longer virulent, they remain highly irradiated.


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Notable lootEdit


  • The FEV vats seen in the research center closely resemble those seen in Mariposa Military Base in 2161, except that the West Tek vats appear to be light green instead of dark green.
  • This facility had a decontamination arch that was capable of sterilizing staff who had been accidentally exposed to the FEV, even if an entire bucket of the FEV had been spilled over the individual's head. Such a technology is not seen in any other facilities where FEV was present.


West Tek research center appears only in Fallout 76.


  1. Technician's Log 10/30/77: He told us if everything went south, to dump the neutralizing agent into the FEV tanks. Spielman and I followed orders and made sure that job was done.

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