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West Everett, another town swallowed up by the super mutants.Deacon

The West Everett Estates is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287, located north from downtown Boston across the Charles River.


This suburb of Malden was under construction when the bombs fell,[1] built to be a picturesque suburban community similar to Sanctuary Hills in its construction with homes of tomorrow.[2] Already partially completed, the development was occupied for at least a year. Skeletons can be found throughout the area.

The Great War was not the end for its occupants, as some of the original residents survived into the next year. This included Ron Cobb, the Ames family (Leon, Lance, Janet and their children) and the Tournquist family, Wayne, Michael and David.

Cobb was a member of the construction crew when the radiation blanketed the vicinity. While the other workers died, he mutated, becoming a ghoul. The Tournquists prepared extensively, managed to get advance warning, and retreated back home to their hidden shelter, while the Ames family was away at the time, returning from a family vacation in New York.

Life in the shelter was a combination of fear and sorrow. All the Tournquists could do was listen to the radio and gunfire, which was outside their shelter for three days straight.[3] Sometime between October 26 and November 9, Wayne tried to contact his wife Bonnie at the Mass Bay Medical Center. Unbeknownst to him, the radio message partially made it through, although another nurse heard the message. She left a holotape with her friend Marcie and tried to sneak out to get home, but did not make it through the fighting in the city.[4] Unable to leave the children alone, he could not bring himself to go look for her.[5]

Wayne finally emerged from the shelter the night of January 27, 2078. Their plan to tap into the main from the water tower worked, but the piping took more duct tape than expected and was badly leaking. They did not have any more in the house, so he tried to sneak over to the Cobbs' house across the street. Wayne figured that Ron Cobb would have duct tape because of his occupation in construction. To Wayne's surprise, the cold barrel of a gun was pushed up against the back of his head when he entered. Ron told Wayne to turn around slowly, and he was shocked at the level of radiation poisoning he had. Wayne begged him to stop, but he put the gun in his mouth and cocked back the hammer. He heard the gunshot, but when Wayne opened his eyes, Ron was falling to the ground, and Wayne spotted Lance Ames from down the street upon Wayne's roof. He saw the whole thing and saved Wayne's life. The Ames had just returned after finding themselves stranded in Connecticut.[6]

For the next three months, the Tournquists and Ames worked together to barricade and fortify the neighborhood.[7] To get the biggest part done in a night, together with Wayne, Lance and Leon Ames stole a couple of trucks from the Irish Pride Industries shipyard nearby. Lance had him pull them around to the edges of the yards to start the wall. Wayne, however, flipped his and almost crushed his house. It was another month before they had the rest of the wall ready. They kept watch in shifts, and the kids all enjoyed getting to come outside.[8]

Two months later, Lance and Leon encountered a group of armed men on a scouting run, including several of Leon's former mob associates. Despite Lance's attempts at discretion, Leon divulged a great deal of information to the strangers. They let the pair go, but followed them home.[9]

The strangers, in reality, a group of raiders, later attacked the settlement. Lance was killed while on watch duty, and the raiders overran the estates. Leon surrendered to the raiders, but not before urinating in his pants. They later planned to use him as a shield for when they went back into the city.[10] In the commotion, Wayne took his children and fled under fire.[11]

At some point in the following years, the settlement was overrun by a super mutant band led by Hammer. Hoping to use the location as a position to raid more, Hammer made a trade offer via holotape to Fist of more weapons for more mutants.


There are two entrances to the compound in the northeast and southeast corners. Several of the buildings are destroyed, though most are accessible ruins. There are several radioactive barrels right next to the fast travel spawn point. Raider corpses are sprawled out over the area, with a number of them concentrated near the cooking station in the center of the camp. What used to be Lance Ames' house is located just outside the fortifications in the northeast corner, and what used to be Wayne Tournquist's house is by the water tower to the southwest. This is where the super mutant leader Hammer resides. The entrance to the Tournquist backyard bunker is in the shed adjoining the house. It contains an armor workbench and is the source of the separated family radio signal created by Wayne.

Notable loot


  • A leveled suit of power armor - To the south of the estate near some military vehicles.
  • Super mutant cage helmet - To the right of the northern entrance, inside the red semi-truck. The truck is against the yellow house near the cooking station.
  • Super mutant chains - On the southern entrance lookout.
  • Boston mayoral shelter bathroom key - In the blue house just west of the southern entrance, inside a dresser in the room with a crib in it.
  • Hammer's holotape - In the house with the recording computer (adjacent to the backyard bunker), on the counter close to the fridge.
  • A Nuka-Cola Quantum - In the house with the recording computer, inside the fridge.
  • A Vault-Tec lunchbox - In the house with the recording computer, in the living room by the fireplace.
  • A Ripper - Next to the entrance to the backyard bunker, lying on the cabinet.
  • A complete collection of all six types of Gwinnett beer: Gwinnett ale, Gwinnett stout, Gwinnett pale, Gwinnett lager, Gwinnett pilsner and Gwinnett brew - On a shelf in the easternmost house, the same one that has Lance's terminal.
  • Seven bags of cement scattered around the neighborhood.
  • A silver bar in an exploded safe behind a collapsed house north of the map icon. The safe is in the backyard just in front of the dog house. Fast traveling to this location will place the player character directly in front of the house and the radioactive barrels in front of it.

Backyard bunker

Related quests

  • Quartermastery: Scribe Haylen has identified the location of a piece of technology she wishes to retrieve and catalog. She asks the Sole Survivor for help in bringing back the technology in one piece.


  • According to Lance's terminal, the location had its barricades set up in December 2077 with Wayne's help. However, according to Wayne's record, Wayne did not meet Lance until January 2078, and the wall got set up only a few days before April 3, 2078.
  • In the blue house just south of the cooking station is a Boston mayoral shelter bathroom key inside of a dresser. This could indicate some sort of connection to the pre-War Boston municipal government, possibly indicating where the attendant mention in the Boston shelter - mayor's goodbye holotape lived.
  • A terminal in Vault 75 lists the children who are registered to enter the vault. The Tournquist boys are listed, but they are not shown as being present.
  • When at this location companions make comments, which are activated at two locations: the entrance and in the backyard bunker. Curie does not offer any unique comments.
Location comments
Character Specific location Comment
Cait Front entrance "Looks like Super Mutants have ruined another perfectly good part of town."
Backyard bunker "This isn't so bad. Believe it or not, I've seen worse."
Codsworth Front entrance "Just another welcoming and friendly neighborhood in the Commonwealth."
Backyard bunker "Looks like someone was preparing for the worst. I wonder if the people here survived."
Danse Front entrance "Our new mission priority should be cleansing this town of its Super Mutant infestation."
Backyard bunker "This is an excellent fallback point if things get too hot."
Deacon Front entrance "Super Mutant behavior is most interesting."
Backyard bunker "West Everrett. Another town swallowed up by the Super Mutants."
John Hancock Front entrance "Well, there goes the neighborhood."
Backyard bunker "Nice little place they got down here."
Robert MacCready Front entrance "More Super Mutants? Agh. I'm getting sick of these green lunatics."
Backyard bunker "Well, this is cozy."
Nick Valentine Front entrance "Super Mutants sure make it easy to forget they were ever human."
Backyard bunker "Huh. Don't see any remains down here. Think this thing actually worked?"
Piper Wright Front entrance "Quaint."
Backyard bunker "Well, isn't this clever."
Preston Garvey Front entrance "Here's some nasty business. Ready to get started cleaning it up?"
Backyard bunker "It's not quite a vault, is it?"
X6-88 Front entrance "If Super Mutants have claimed this place, we might want to avoid it."
Backyard bunker "I doubt this saved anyone when the bombs fell."


The West Everett Estates appears only in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes

The West Everett Estates has a similar name to a real-world town: Everett, Massachusetts, also north of Boston.


  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 It is possible the raiders will spawn after clearing out the super mutants as well as the brother attacking. This can cause the game to freeze.[verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One Fast traveling to this location can cause falling through the map in some cases.[verified]



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