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Wesley's note is a paper note in Fallout 76, introduced in the Skyline Valley update.


The note can be found at the Trading Post, in the hand of Wesley, who is found dead in the northwestern trailer.



I ain't been feeling right lately. James and his bleeding heart ain't helping my noggin much.

All his yapping about Jewel... Had to convince the stubborn bastard to go after her, lest a pack of ferals or something gets to her first.

Fool was waiting for my sniffles to subside, so had to chase him off in the end. Bit of wasteland motivation, if you will.

Waiting on me before chasing after his girl. Dumbass.

Just need some rest to feel right again and Murry's keeping me hydrated. The goofy bot can do that much at least, though the water's pretty stale.

Wish I could get Murry to mix me up a special cocktail, but I guess it's tangy water till I catch up with him James on the road up north.

Just gonna catch some winks and I'll be right as rain. I'll set out after him tomorrow maybe.

Behind the scenes[]

In the first version of the Public Test Server for Skyline Valley, the name "Marco" was present in this note instead of Murry; the same was true of James' last words. This was Murry's previous name before being changed at some point in development.