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Wes' holotape is a holotape in Fallout 4. It is a recording between Cruz (Four-two-niner) and Captain Wes about retreat orders described in Cruz's holotape.


Found at the Gunners plaza inside the safe in the recording room. The safe has a Master, but can also be opened with Captain Wes' safe key.


Cruz: Command, this is Four-two-niner, we have visuals on hostiles near Fallon's. Copy? Over.

Captain Wes: Four-two-niner copy. How long before range?

Cruz: Command, we are two mikes from range. Over.

Captain Wes: Four-two-niner copy. You are clear to engage when ready.

Cruz: Command, copy. We will update as soon as... ambush, taking heavy fire.

Captain Wes: Four-two-niner you are to retreat back to HQ immediately. Do you copy? Over.

Cruz: Command, say again? Over.

Captain Wes: Four-two-niner retreat back to HQ immediately. That's an order. Over.

Cruz: Command, copy. Pulling back to HQ. Out.

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