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The Dugout Inn may be more what you're looking for. They offer a variety of cheap beverages for the undiscriminating palate.— Wellingham

Wellingham is a Mister Handy that serves guests at the Colonial Taphouse at the Diamond City market in 2287.


Initially, Wellingham will give the impression that he prefers to serve only the upper class, noting that he is only trading with the Sole Survivor "because he is programmed to oblige." Wellingham is also supposed to cater to the more eccentric tastes, such as Clarence Codman's desire for a deathclaw egg souffle. To accomplish this task, Wellingham is perfectly capable of hiring Gunners and other mercenaries for the job.[1][2] He sells flamer fuel, food and drinks.

Wellingham and Piper Wright have a unique dialogue together that reveals that he is secretly an informant for her, dishing out gossip about the city's upper-class members. His apparent scorn towards the city's lower classes seems to be just a cover to avoid suspicion, at least in regards to Piper.[3]

If Nick Valentine is taken up to the Colonial Taphouse balcony there is a chance for a conversation to trigger where Wellingham asks if Nick has "reconsidered" his offer to become his new detective partner. Nick does not sound very intrigued by the idea.

Interactions with the player character

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This character is involved in quests.

The Devil's Due

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This character is a merchant. Sells: food, drinks, flamer fuel


The Devil's Due - After returning the pristine deathclaw egg, Wellingham will give his recipe to the player character along with caps.


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Wellingham appears only in Fallout 4.


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  3. Piper Wright: "Hey, Welly, what ya got for me?"
    Wellingham: "Piper! I told you never to show your face here again! Nothing new, darling. Though there's a rumor Ann Codman is offering good money for other people's hair."
    Piper Wright: "No!"
    (Wellingham and Piper Wright's dialogue)