Welcome home! is a holotape in Fallout 4.


Nick Valentine gives it to the Sole Survivor once they have earned Nick's trust and friendship. This tape is given at the start of the quest Long Time Coming along with one of Eddie Winter holotapes.



Detective Valentine - Captain Widmark, here. I'd just like to re-iterate how excited we here at the Boston Police Department are that you'll be joining our investigation. Commissioner Turner has already regaled me with the tales of your adventures in Chicago. As you know, Edward L. "Eddie" Winter has been a pox on this beautiful city for nearly two decades. Extortion, murder, racketeering, kidnapping - name a crime, he's committed it. The epitome of the cold-blooded, brilliant, slippery crime boss. Fortunately for us, over the years, Winter has also developed that most self-destructive of character traits - supreme arrogance.

Starting a little over a year ago, Winter stopped coding his correspondences and began communicating entirely via unencrypted holotape. Each one addressed to the subject in question and very clearly signed off by Winter himself. He's obviously mocking the authorities. He knows we're monitoring his communications. He doesn't care. Winter thinks he's untouchable. He's wrong. This is when the game changes. Those holotapes are the key to building a case against Eddie Winter, and they're what this task force will focus on. His crimes, his words. Total self-incrimination. Get those holotapes, and we get Winter.

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