Wedding Day is an unmarked quest in Fallout 4.


In order to trigger the wedding scene, several criteria must be met:

When all these criteria are met, within the next few days Pastor Clements will celebrate the union of Edna and Zwicky in front of the All Faiths Chapel.


  • The ceremony is rather brief and may be almost over depending on how quickly the Sole Survivor arrives to the location. Additionally, the groom and bride do not have a crowd and the wedding can easily be mistaken for background noise.
  • Pastor Clements can later be heard saying that he thinks the marriage of a man and a robot is strange, but he doesn't think God would mind.
  • The wedding may trigger while In Sheep's Clothing is active, leading to a confusing encounter where Pastor Clements will divide his attention between the newlyweds and the injured Danny Sullivan.

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