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This is the Weatherly Hotel. It`s the finest establishment in Rivet City.Mister Buckingham

The Weatherly Hotel is located on the Upper Deck of Rivet City and is owned by Vera Weatherly. It is managed by Mister Buckingham, a robot who also acts as the hotel's bartender.


The layout of the hotel consists of a hallway with three rooms. The front desk is a half-circle desk with a working terminal. Mister Buckingham is usually found behind the desk, while Vera Weatherly stays in the room behind it.

Related quests


  • The Weatherly Hotel has rented rooms to Sister and Dr. Zimmer. The player character may also rent a room for 120 caps from either Mister Buckingham or Vera Weatherly. Sleeping in the bed in the hotel room grants the Well Rested benefit. Unlike other similar places in the Capital Wasteland, the player character only needs to rent the room once due to a bug in Vera Weatherly's script. However, on occasion, the script does run successfully meaning that the bed can go "red," requiring a new payment to the Weatherly in order to make the bed usable by the player character. To fix this problem, just rent a bed from both Vera Weatherly and Mister Buckingham. If the player character does not rent from both of the hosts then it is unusable after one night.
  • The footlocker, filing cabinet, wardrobe, and desk in the room are all safe places to store gear.
  • Janice Kaplinski may enter the room and steal items lying about.
  • Harkness may come in and steal alcohol left out.
  • If the player character leaves the door open when leaving, they do not have to pay again to sleep in the room. It is still considered their bed.


The Weatherly Hotel appears only in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes

Bethesda Softworks, the makers of both Fallout 3 and The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, use the name Weatherly in both games. In Oblivion, the twin brothers Jemane were driven from their home (Weatherleah) by ogres, and it is the player's mission to reunite them and secure their home once more. The quest Those! is mirrored by the Jemane questline, both relating to destroyed homes and long-lost relatives.


  • PCPC Vera Weatherly's script usually fails to complete properly resulting in effective ownership of the room by the player. However, it is possible for the door to the player's hotel room to re-lock (but not necessarily even close) and for all the items in the containers to be cleared. [verified]
  • PCPC Xbox 360Xbox 360 Sometimes, if you sleep in other settlements like Megaton, your hotel room will be locked and you cannot sleep in your bed. You can repurchase the key (120 caps) or pick the door (Average). Your belongings left in the room will never be removed. Also, purchasing the room from Weatherly's robot can fix this issue permanently. [verified]