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Weapon demonstration is a holotape in the Fallout 76 update Steel Dawn.


The tape can be found at East Mountain lookout, only while Supplying Demands is active. It is on a black mat on the ground level of the lookout, near the settler corpses.


Settler: Alright, everyone gather 'round. Ward wanted us to record some instructions on how to use these things... Where's Mike? Hey... Mike! Stop messing around with that terminal and grab one of those rocket launchers.

Mike Tiller: O-oh! Sorry, I wanted to lock the terminal first. Let me put this in my bag really quick.

Settler: Give it up, Mike, that lead could be decades old. Just grab one of them and come here... Wait, Mike, I told you not to pick it up like that!


Mike Tiller: Oh god... What have I done?