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Wayne Gorski is a ghoulified survivalist and self-taught bomb maker, now turned feral. He continues to reside in the root cellar underneath his cabin in 2287.


Gorski was a self-taught explosives expert, patriot, and survivalist that owned a property in the wilderness south of Concord before the Great War.[1]

Following the recent installation of an innocuous electrical pylon tower, this outdoorsman accused the United States government of building the installation to house a "mind control device" designed to manipulate the free-thinking people of the United States. Mr. Gorski took it upon himself to destroy this eyesore, located right outside the front porch of his home. He used his knowledge of explosives to attempt to construct a homemade atomic bomb using parts from a mini nuke and barrels of nuclear waste he had somehow acquired.

It would appear Gorski's plan to create a bomb never came to fruition, as the bombs had already fallen before he could enact his plan. Before he went feral, the survivalist left a single entry on the terminal in his underground workshop, so that anyone who happened to find it would learn of his intent, should he ever be taken in custody by federal authorities.[2]

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Wayne Gorski appears only in Fallout 4.


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