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Watoga municipal courtroom recording is a holotape that was cut from Fallout 76.


RobotProtectron: ...and the total for your parking tickets, Mr. Phillips, is $1567.32. All outstanding fines are payable by cash or credit.

Mr. Phillips: I've told you three times, I'm not paying your illegal fines! Look, I want to speak to a real person. Where's the judge? I want to talk to him!

RobotProtectron: By Executive Order, the position of [JUDGE] has been automated.

Mr. Phillips: Unbelievable! I'm going back there, and I am going to find an actual human.

RobotProtectron: Sir, recording devices are not allowed in the courtroom and immediate vicinity.

Mr. Phillips: I am documenting this travesty of justice... Excuse me, you are blocking my freedom of movement! You're violating my rights here!

RobotProtectron: Sir, your recording device is not permitted...

Mr. Phillips: Yeah, well, you're not permitted! Step aside, I am going back there!

RobotProtectron: Warnings issued. Deploying taser.

*taser being deployed*

Mr. Phillips: ...Free Watoga....