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Watoga Underground is a location within the city of Watoga in the Cranberry Bog region of Appalachia.


An automated underground parking garage below Watoga, this location was designed to keep the above-ground city free of automobile accidents and illegally parked cars. It functioned as a massive parking system where citizens could store their cars in silos until they were needed again, or even buy new ones. The facility could also detail and maintain stored and new vehicles. Entrance required a personal ID, entered at a terminal. A waiting area also provided services to customers, such as fast dining, haircuts, pharmaceuticals, and relaxation.[1]

In 2103, the area is inhabited by the Blood Eagles and has been adorned with decorations and flags and acts as their main base of operations.


The entrance to the underground is locked until the beginning of the quest Thicker Than Water. Once the underground is entered, the underground follows a mostly linear path straight to the Claw.

From the entrance, go down the escalators and reach the garage terminals. Some Mister Handies and Eyebots guard this area. Going downstairs is a dead end, so continue along the path. A jammed door is ahead that can be opened with a Strength of 8, Intelligence of 4, or Luck of 12 to reveal a clinic with some aid items.

Continue past the shops to Garage B, which contains a hostile turret and protectron. The turrets in both Garage B and C can be turned off using the security terminal which is found in the office connected to the far end of Garage B. The bottom of Garage B has two giant ants. Further on, in Garage C, the path forks. If going downstairs in C, follow the path to fight some radrats to be able to use a tinker's workbench and an armor workbench. Otherwise, in Garage C, use the nearby terminal to unlock the garage door and continue through it into the garage storage.

From here, several Blood Eagle guards must be dispatched - but beware - there is little cover on the stairs down. Once passed, continue onward past the double doors and go through the depots. On the left, there is a terminal which can shut down the nearby turret. Continue to fight through the repair depot and soon there is a hallway that branches. On the right side is a terminal that unlocks the locked door on the left side. Past the locked door are more giant ants as well as a power armor station.

Back on the main path, continue down the hallway and either go down the stairs in the side room or just drop straight down into Silo 3. Go through the doors with the hard hat signs and through another hallway. Past the next door, on the right, is a chemistry station. Enter Silo 4 and there will be a large group of hostile robots and humans. Go up the wooden walkway and bypass the blocked garage doors by going down the left hallway. Inside the hallway is a weapons workbench.

Just a little further ahead is the button to open the main garage door - a big fight is ahead: to reach the Claw, his guards must first be dispatched, including a power-armored Blood Eagle and an Assaultron. Note that the terminal to disable the turrets is in the salon on the other side of the garage. After the fight concludes, the Claw can finally be faced. After that is resolved, the nearby exit door can be unlocked using a key.

Notable loot


The garage contains a large number of pristine vehicles, including Corvega Atomic V-8s and Blitzes, Cherry Bombs, Station Wagons, and Pick-R-Ups.


Watoga Underground appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update.



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