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Watoga Towers is an unmarked location in the town of Watoga in the Cranberry Bog region of Appalachia.


Advertised as "Watoga's Home of Tomorrow,"[1] Watoga Towers served as one of the many futuristic residences for Watoga's elite residents. Shortly after the Great War, Vernon Dodge managed to access the tower elevator and made a home for himself for approximately 3 weeks.[2]


Watoga Towers is located directly east of the Watoga Civic Center. There are several voting stations located outside of the building. The interior is accessed by going up a flight of stairs that face the nearby creek. There is an elevator that will bring the player character to the third floor. The elevator opens to a small lobby area with green walls. Directly in front of the elevator is a door that opens to Initiate Dodge's room.

The apartment has several junk items and containers that can be freely looted. To the right is a tinker's workbench and a door to a messy, ruined bathroom with little of note. In one corner is a set of terminals and consoles; to the left of the consoles is a door that leads into a bedroom. The bedroom has a sleeping bag but has also been converted into storage for some machinery. Another corner has a small kitchen area, and in the center is the dining table and the small satellite dish on which Initiate Dodge is leaning.


Watoga Towers' exterior was in the game at launch, though the third floor interior was added in patch 22.


Watoga Towers appears only in Fallout 76, and is expanded upon in the One Wasteland For All update.



  1. Vernon Dodge: "Mind the smell. Hard to air the place out. "Watoga's Home of Tomorrow" my ass."
    [verification needed]
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