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The Watoga Shopping Plaza is a location in the Appalachian city of Watoga.


Occupying the entire northeastern part of Watoga, the shopping plaza served the affluent citizens of the town.[1] The business owners here, quick to realize the wealthy patrons were unaware of the average prices of items or what items have actual value, used this information for their benefit.[2] Unnecessary upgrades were offered to and accepted by the consumers, and items were ticketed at inflated prices.[3]

The manager at Miller's Appliances reported an immediate and significant increase in sales after they reprogrammed the Handy vendors to refer to all appliance models in Italian.[2] They subsequently removed the warranty protocols for secondhand units. As sales were so high, the manager anticipated selling these used goods as well, after quickly touching them up, commenting that the customers would be none the wiser.[4]


The plaza is east of the AMS corporate headquarters. One of two Watoga monorail stations are situated on opposite sides of this northeastern quadrant, with the high school to the south. Behind the school, one will find the building containing the Watoga Real Estate office, complete with advertisements for available properties.

There are numerous shops scattered across the district including a Super-Duper Mart in the center on the first floor of a high rise. The grocery store contains vendor bot Phoenix, a Brotherhood vendor. Miller's Appliances is to the northwest and Stuart's Department Store just across the through-way. Adjacent to the department store is a Hubris Comics 'n' Toys store, with a potential Vault-Tec bobblehead spawn point, and Slocum's Joe facing the outward perimeter of the town.

The northeastern section consists of a large park and walkway around the outskirts, with garden terraces and a bandstand full of musical instruments. The southern edge of the district contains the inaccessible Fresh Soil Restaurant, Cranberry Heights, and a Drumlin Diner with a cooking station, locked safe, and a power armor spawn location just outside.


Notable loot

  • Men's suits - Note, inside Stuart's Department Store, on a shelf next to the northern wall.
  • Women's dresses - Note, inside Stuart's Department Store, on a shelf next to the eastern wall.
  • BoS report - Watoga Plaza - Holotape, on the counter of Hubris Comics next to a duffle bag.
  • Enola Walker's story, part 4 - Holotape, in the red bandstand pavilion east of Slocum's Joe, next to a first aid kit.
  • Potential Vault-Tec bobblehead - Inside Hubris Comics, to the left of the cash register.
  • Two potential magazines:
    • Inside Slocum's Joe, on the table with a yellow plate. Sometimes spawns below the table.
    • Inside Slocum's Joe, on a yellow magazine shelf behind the front counter, on the top righthand row.
  • Potential recipe - Inside Slocum's Joe, to the right of the coffee makers behind the counter.


The Watoga Shopping Plaza appears in Fallout 76.



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