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Watoga Real Estate is an unmarked location in the Appalachian city of Watoga.


A real estate office in the Watoga Shopping Plaza, the location served to facilitate the sale of properties in Watoga before the Great War.


Via elevator, the real estate office is connected via skybridge to Cranberry Heights to the south. The walkway also provides access to the roof plaza, which consists of a radioactive pool and staircases down to a balcony area.[1] In the lobby, a split-flap sign is still operational behind the front desk, with rotating messages regarding available properties as of the display's last update.


Watoga Real Estate appears in Fallout 76.



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    The real estate offices and the Cranberry Heights apartments across the street (to the south) are linked via a bridge (above) and elevators (inside each office). Take either elevator bank to the roof to explore: There's a (revolting and toxic) pool, walkways, and staircases down to a balcony area and an elevator down to either office."
    (Fallout 76 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Atlas of Appalachia)