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The Watoga Civic Center is a building within the Appalachian city of Watoga.


The civic center is a large pre-War public building, situated in northwest Watoga. The location served as a venue for sports and community events before the war.[1] As automation increased in popularity, facilities reports began to document that high school students were no longer playing sports such as basketball, but instead sending their Handy units to do it for them.[1]

Although this resulted in the facility staying clean, it had the negative impact of decreasing ticket sales by half.[2] The events were reported as unpopular, with no one interested in watching the bots play, unable to tell them apart due to their inability to wear human jerseys.[2]

In response, the facilities employees began to open the doors to other events, such as antique shows, but residents did not bring any items in to be appraised.[3] The oldest piece of furniture that was presented was a television from the year before, the owner of which was surprised to learn that it didn't qualify.[3] The center staff noted that the event was beneficial to the owner of Appalachian Antiques, who sold everything she offered for purchase.[3]


The civic center has a large indoor stadium, with three seating sectors surrounding a wooden floor in the center.[4] The roof is accessible by way of fire escapes on the eastern side of the building or an elevator inside. On the roof, one can examine the mound of collected trash remains of a scorchbeast nest as well as a vertibot.

From the roof, one can also access the walkway and elevator to the monorail bridge and the Watoga Transit Hub. Heading east along the roof will result in a walkway to the adjacent apartment block with another parked vertibot.[4]

Notable loot

  • Be more careful - Holotape, found in room 1 of section B.
  • Sideshow Snallygaster - Part 2 - Holotape, in the concession booth near section B5.
  • V.I.P. booth offer - Note, inside the building, within the concession booth, near a steamer trunk.
  • You smart bastard - Holotape, on a bench in the locker room.
  • Wastelanders Ideas for new match types - Note, on a counter in the room across from Hal Gleeson.
  • Wastelanders Arena slave quarters key - Obtained during The Ol' Weston Shuffle. Opens two slave quarter doors.
  • One Wasteland For All Prove your worth - Note, attached to a pike, outside the building.
  • Three potential Vault-Tec bobbleheads:
    • On a front-row seat in section B3.
    • In the upper area, in the middle locked (key) VIP suite, on the bar stool by the safe.
    • In the upper area, in the north VIP suite, on the tall ashtray beside the cigarette machine.
  • Three potential magazines:
    • In the lower cafeteria area, in the southeast corner, to the left of the double-door exit to Appalachia, on the table of the corner booth.
    • In the upstairs cafeteria area, across from the "B4" sign, near the southeast corner, on the third booth back from the corner.
    • In the upper kitchen area, north of the "B5" sign, on the corner countertop.
  • Power armor chassis with T-series armor pieces - In the main arena, at the west wall.

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The Watoga Civic Center appears in Fallout 76.



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