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For water pumps in the Fallout series, see Water pump.

The water pump is a settlement object in Fallout 4.


The water pump generates 3 units of purified water for its settlement. Pump production rates are much lower than the water purifiers, but they require no power, need fewer crafting components to build, and don't need to be placed in water. They can be placed almost anywhere dirt is found.

Similar to water purifiers, should the water production exceed the settlement's demand, any excess water will be placed in the workshop inventory on a regular basis. Building multiple pumps and purifiers increases the surplus production accordingly.

More details on how the game engine handles water production and usage can be found under water purifiers.


Water pumps must be placed on dirt. Stone and pavement are generally unacceptable terrain, but if there are visible cracks sometimes a water pump can be placed.

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The water pump is located under Resources → Water.


  • The Sole Survivor can activate a water pump to drink. Drinking from a water pump will heal damage (and quench thirst in Survival mode), without inflicting radiation damage.
  • In Survival mode, a water pump can also be used to fill empty bottles with purified water.
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