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It serves as a modified water gun that can shoot Acid. The bright colored casing of this harmless weapon is due to the fact that it has been shielded with a ceramic coating, making it the perfect weapon for carrying acid loads.Fallout Tactics description

The water gun, also refered to as Supper Soaker,[1] is a Small Guns weapon type in Fallout Tactics.


It is a modified water gun, capable of shooting acid, thanks to its ceramic shielding. Its ammunition consists of a canister of acid, with a maximum capacity of ten canisters. It uses 6 AP and allows only two shots before being reloaded. The water gun's acid does penetrate enemy armor, but the raw damage count is never more than 25 points and it has a high AC cost.


Canadian Invasion special encounter, can be found on the woman tribal furthest to the northeast, along with x75 canisters of acid.


  • Being obtainable only in above mentioned random encounter, this gun is the rarest in the game.
  • It is the only weapon in the game that emits no sound during firing and reloading.



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