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Somebody from the Political Office should keep an eye on those guys down at the water treatment plant. That's the third request for extra funds I've had to deny this month - do they think we're made of money? I swear, it's like they want the Communists to win....Treasurer of the Third Street Municipal Building

The wastewater treatment plant is a location in the Divide in 2281.


The wastewater treatment plant is located directly east of Ulysses' Temple. After detonating the warhead near the water pipe, it can be reached by traveling along the top of the ruined building lying on its side. A rocky path continues past the building, which leads to the plant. Access is gained via a sewer grate. There is also a warhead left of the entrance which, when detonated, will have 2 lead-lined metal boxes underneath.

Once inside, tunnelers fighting several marked men will appear. Continuing into a room with two guards, a manager's terminal with an entry for the Nostalgia challenge, and a RALPHIE for the Feel Like a Kid Again challenge can be found.

Notable loot


The wastewater treatment plant appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road.