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Gametitle-FO76 WL
Embark on a tale with true choice and consequences in Wastelanders – our biggest and most ambitious update for 76. Wastelanders will include a new main questline, new factions, new events, new features and even more

Wastelanders is the third major update for Fallout 76. The expansion fundamentally changes the wasteland with living humans returning to Appalachia.


The origin of Wastelanders and the addition of human NPCs to the game is somewhat unclear. According to Marc Tardif in June 2019, content containing living human characters was initially "not even on [the] radar" for Bethesda, and community feedback was the driving force behind the development of the update.[2] However, lead designer Ferret Baudoin stated in August 2020 that, from the beginning of development, some developers disagreed with the idea of excluding human NPCs in the base game. Despite this, there were a number of logistical issues that prevented human NPCs from appearing at launch, as it would have further complicated an already difficult technical process. Baudoin said that, as such, adding back human characters was actually on the radar "from a very early point."[3]

Wastelanders had a private test server session for community members invited or opting into the event to test an early version of the update. This feature was announced by Bethesda on January 10, 2020, with an initial test date of January 17 before being delayed on that day. The invites were eventually sent on January 20 and access was given the same day.[4][5]

An official trailer, released on February 4, announced Wastelanders' release date of April 7. Amid the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, Bethesda's offices began working at home, and the update was delayed until April 14.[1]


Set in 2103, one year after the opening of Vault 76, new survivors begin flocking to Appalachia in search of a rumored treasure.[6] As settlers and raiders alike scramble to find it, the residents of Vault 76 must choose sides in the brewing conflict.

Players can embark on a new main quest of choice and consequence, interact with characters and their unique stories, discover the faction settlements of the Crater and Foundation, and collect powerful new weapons and armor.


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Blood Eagles charactersEdit

Name Dialogue file Icon dead Icon spawn Icon essential Icon doctor Icon merchant Icon companion Base ID Ref ID Location
The Blood Icon check 005a1c07 ???????? Bloody Frank's
The Eye Icon check 005a1c09 ???????? Crimson Prospect
Frankie Beckett Icon check 00587a26 ???????? Watoga Underground
Frank the Butcher Icon check 0057cfe4 ???????? Bloody Frank's
Jessi the Hook Icon check 0057cfe3 0055426d Bloody Frank's
Line Chef Larry Icon check 0057cfe5 ???????? Bloody Frank's
Star Icon check 005a1c08 ???????? Seneca Gang camp

Blue Ridge Caravan Company characters Edit

Name Dialogue file Icon dead Icon spawn Icon essential Icon doctor Icon merchant Icon companion Base ID Ref ID Location
Aries 0057502c 00575032 Big Bend Tunnel East
Carver Timmerman Icon check 0057502b 00575031 Big Bend Tunnel East
Eugenie Icon check 0056efc8 0056efca Big Bend Tunnel East
Joanna Mayfield ???????? ????????
Kieran Kennedy ???????? ???????? Big Bend Tunnel East
Libby Wen ???????? ???????? Big Bend Tunnel East
Rudy Fernandez Icon check 0057502d 00575034 Big Bend Tunnel East
Vinny Costa ???????? ???????? Big Bend Tunnel East

Free Radical charactersEdit

Name Dialogue file Icon dead Icon spawn Icon essential Icon doctor Icon merchant Icon companion Base ID Ref ID Location
Batter ???????? ???????? The Wayward
Davey ???????? ???????? Player C.A.M.P.
Jacky ???????? ???????? WV Lumber Co.
Roper 0040f684 00411f7a WV Lumber Co.

Raider charactersEdit

Name Dialogue file Icon dead Icon spawn Icon essential Icon doctor Icon merchant Icon companion Base ID Ref ID Location
Ae-Ri Icon cross Icon check 003fbc06 0040b2ae The Crater
Aldridge Icon check 0041b858 00575acb SW of Philippi Battlefield Cemetery
Axel Icon cross Icon cross 0053c249 005a24d8 The Crater
Barb 0053c248 0053c232 Crater Core
Blackeye Icon cross Icon cross 00595299 0055bded Ohio River Adventures
Bruiser 00595298 0055bdec Ohio River Adventures
Deathklaus 0042f59d ???????? Watoga Civic Center
Bones Icon cross Icon cross 0055b286 0055be72 Ohio River Adventures
Caleb Fisher Icon cross Icon cross 0040d481 ???????? Crater Core
Creed Icon cross Icon cross 0053c24a 0053c264 The Crater
Former raider Icon check 00553ec9 ???????? Variable
Gail Icon cross Icon cross 0041cb3c 00548d23 Crater Core
Glenn 0042f588 0042f595 Watoga Civic Center
Gnash 00598bb1 ???????? Charleston
Hal Gleeson 0042f54f 0042f599 Watoga Civic Center
Hijack Icon check 0040e02b 0040e02d Hornwright Industrial headquarters
Johnny Weston Icon cross Icon cross 0042f54b ???????? Crater Core
Kiyomi 00554441 ???????? The Crater
Kogan 0040d4bc 0040d4ed Crater watchstation
Lev Icon cross Icon cross 0053c25a 005916a5 Crater Core
Lucky Lou Icon check 0040d47f 00559342 Carleton Mine
Maximum Maddie 0042f597 ???????? Watoga Civic Center
Meg Groberg 003fe468 003fe469 Crater Core
Molly Icon check 003fbc03 ???????? The Crater
Mortimer Icon check 0058736b 0058736c Crater Core
Munch Icon cross Icon cross 003fbc04 0040b2ad The Crater
Nuclear Don 0042f59b ???????? Watoga Civic Center
Ra-Ra Icon cross 0041cb3b 0041cb63 Crater Core
Raf Icon check 003fbc05 0040b2ac The Crater
Raider punk Icon check 0058e6fc 005a2539 Crater Core, Random encounters
Registration guard 0042f589 0042f594 Watoga Civic Center
Rocksy Icon cross Icon cross 0054dcfc 0054f9b5 The Crater
Ronny Icon check 005a0615 005a0617 Player C.A.M.P.
Sargento 0042f556 0042f59a Watoga Civic Center
Surge 0053c269 005916a6 Crater Core
Weasel Icon check 0054ef61 00552745 Carleton Mine
Wren 003fbc01 ???????? The Crater

Settler charactersEdit

Name Dialogue file Icon dead Icon spawn Icon essential Icon doctor Icon merchant Icon companion Base ID Ref ID Location
Aubrie Willem Icon check 003fcb0c 003fcb0e Secluded cave
Davie Taylor Icon cross Icon cross ???????? ???????? Foundation
Derrick Taylor Icon cross Icon cross ???????? ???????? Foundation
Dr. Dorothea Dias Icon check 00407f78 00407f82 RobCo Research Center
Elsie Taylor Icon cross Icon cross ???????? ???????? Foundation
Sergeant Fred Radcliff Icon check 00405934 00405936 Ransacked bunker
Gate guard ???????? ???????? Foundation
Gina Bailey Icon check ???????? ???????? RobCo Research Center
Greg Goldstein Icon check ???????? ???????? RobCo Research Center
Jen Icon cross Icon cross ???????? ???????? Founder's Hall
Kip ???????? ????????
Agent Mochou Icon check 00570d56 00583e9d The Deep
Captain Oliver Fields Icon check ???????? ???????? Ransacked bunker
Paige ???????? ???????? Founder's Hall
Penelope Hornwright ???????? ???????? Hornwright Estate
Samuel ???????? ???????? Foundation
Settler forager Icon check ???????? ???????? Founder's Hall, Random encounters
Settler wanderer Icon check ???????? Random encounters
Sunny Icon check ???????? ???????? Foundation
Sergeant Thompson Icon check 00405931 00405937 Ransacked bunker
Ward ???????? ???????? Foundation

Secret Service charactersEdit

Name Dialogue file Icon dead Icon spawn Icon essential Icon doctor Icon merchant Icon companion Base ID Ref ID Location
AC ???????? ???????? Vault 79
Digger ???????? ???????? Vault 79
Mercy ???????? ???????? Vault 79
Pita ???????? ???????? Vault 79
Regs Icon check ???????? ???????? Vault 79
Secret Service agent Icon check ???????? ???????? Vault 79
Slick ???????? ???????? Vault 79

The Wayward charactersEdit

Name Dialogue file Icon dead Icon spawn Icon essential Icon doctor Icon merchant Icon companion Base ID Ref ID Location
Bessie 0042ede0 0042ede6 The Wayward
Cherise Icon check Icon check ???????? ???????? The Wayward
Crane 0042482f ???????? The Wayward
Duchess Icon check ???????? ???????? The Wayward
Jide ???????? ???????? The Wayward
Mort ???????? ???????? The Wayward
Patrons Icon check ???????? ???????? The Wayward
Polly ???????? ???????? The Wayward
Sol 0041a363 ???????? The Wayward
Smiley Icon check Icon check ???????? ???????? The Wayward

Miscellaneous charactersEdit

Name Dialogue file Icon dead Icon spawn Icon essential Icon doctor Icon merchant Icon companion Base ID Ref ID Location
Artemis Icon check 005a1329 ???????? Sugar Grove
A.T.H.E.N.A. Icon check ???????? ???????? Sugar Grove
Beckett Icon cross Icon check Icon check ???????? ???????? Rollins labor camp
Dr. Bethy Mangano 005993d7 005993dd Clarksburg
Head Engineer Brass Icon cross Icon cross Icon cross 00400490 004004a2 Vault-Tec University
Fuzzy Brenda 00598b59 00598b5d Camden Park
Bronx Icon check ???????? ???????? Ingram Mansion
Carla ???????? Scene encounter hotspots
Daniel 0053c301 0053e613 Anchor farm
Davenport ???????? ???????? Overseer's home
Dino ???????? Scene encounter hotspots
Dontrelle Haines ???????? ???????? Morgantown Airport terminal
Dylan Rhodes 005995d0 005995d1 Welch station
Dr. Emerson Hale Icon check 00559ee0 ???????? Player C.A.M.P.
Estella Icon check Icon check Icon cross Icon cross Icon cross ???????? ???????? Vault-Tec University
Frida Madani 00599459 0059945b Garrahan Estate
Fritz 00599465 00599467 The Whitespring
Gilbert Hopson Icon cross ???????? ???????? Vault-Tec University
Hannah 0053c303 ???????? Anchor farm
Hubert 00548a80 00548b29 Mountainside Bed & Breakfast
Heather Ellis 005752d2 005782a3 Flatwoods
Isela Mejia 00405ebe 00405ec2 Vault 76
James Addison Icon check ???????? ???????? The Deep
Joe Creigh ???????? ???????? Camp McClintock
Jonah Ito 005982d8 ???????? Fort Defiance
Julie ???????? ???????? Appalachia Radio
Juliette ???????? ???????? Mountainside Bed & Breakfast
Kelemen Icon check Icon check Icon cross Icon cross Icon cross 00544d62 00544d63 Vault-Tec University
Agent Kensington Icon check ???????? ???????? Solomon's pond
Lacey Drummond 00405eb0 00405ec1 Vault 76
Liebowitz 005895f9 00589606 Tyler County fairgrounds
Dr. Loris Icon check 00400491 004004a3 Vault-Tec University
Maram Ayari 00598ba7 ???????? Watoga Transit Hub
Marion Copeland ???????? ???????? Emmett Mountain disposal site
Private Miller Icon check 005640ae Random encounter
Murray 0054adea ???????? Anchor farm
PANDORA Icon check 0055f6c5 0055f6f5 The Mire
Professor-bot Icon check Icon cross 00400489 0040048a Vault-Tec University
Security Chief Robinson Icon check Icon cross ???????? ???????? Vault-Tec University
Rocco Icon check ???????? ???????? Spruce Knob Boat Rental
Sage Icon check ???????? ???????? Blake's Offering
Scott Malish Icon check 0058e9d4 ???????? SW of Philippi Battlefield Cemetery
Scavenger ???????? ???????? Variable
Scavenger trader Icon check ???????? ???????? Variable
Skinner ???????? ???????? Duncan & Duncan Robotics
Sofia Daguerre Icon cross Icon check ???????? ???????? Abandoned bunker
Tiffany Brantley ???????? ???????? Charleston Fire Department
Traveling merchant Icon check 00573ceb ???????? Player C.A.M.P.
Treasure hunter Icon check 0040f681 ???????? Player C.A.M.P.
Ursala 005895f8 ???????? Anchor farm
Vault 76 overseer Icon cross ???????? ???????? Overseer's home
Wandering storyteller ???????? Scene encounter hotspots
Xavier 005895fa ???????? Anchor farm


Robots and computersEdit



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Armor and clothingEdit

Miscellaneous itemsEdit






Holodisks and notesEdit

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Name Weight Value Related quest Editor ID Form ID
Icon sound Agreement with Radicals 0 0 Hunter for Hire W05_MQ_002P_Radical_DanielTape 005895f6
Icon sound Algorithm reset test 0 0 W05_WL024_MotherlodeHolotape01 0058ccee
Icon text Algorithm update 0 0 W05_WL024_MotherlodeHolotape01
Icon sound Apologies to Lou 0 0 W05_MQR_204P_FisherHolotape 0056fa80
Icon sound Ayla's plans 0 0 W05_COMP_RQ_Beckett_Holotape_Ayla 00596723
Icon sound Bless y'all's hearts 0 0 W05_MQR_204P_SurgeHolotape 0056fa82
Icon sound Blood Eagle oath 0 0 W05_DM_BloodEagleHolotape01 0058ccf3
Icon sound Blood Eagle rules for advancing in rank 0 0 WL050_Holotape_Blood_Eagle_Maz_Tabor 0058488c
Icon sound Blood Eagles - AshTrey 0 0 WL049_Holotape_Blood_Eagle_AshTrey 00584d55
Icon sound Board meeting 0 0 Strange Bedfellows W05_MQ_101P_A_DavidHolotapeMeeting 0041b848
Icon sound Broadcast tape 0 0 W05_MQ_002P_Radical_RadioTape 00543876
Icon sound Chapter 7 0 0 W05_DM_CultistHolotape01 0058ccf1
Icon sound Chapter 8 0 0 W05_DM_CultistHolotape02 0058ccf2
Icon sound Culist - DevotionIcon sic Icon cut 0 0 WL062_Holotape_CultistPriest 00584d61
Icon sound Cultist - Mind's Eye 0 0 WL065_Holotape_CultistPriest 00584d66
Icon sound Cultist - Redemption 0 0 WL061_Holotape_CultistPriest 00584d51
Icon sound Deep Sleep routine 0 0 COMP_Astronaut_006_Holotape_Whalesong 00571f69
Icon text Emergency protocols 0 0 In Case of Emergency COMP_Astronaut_001_Holotape_EmergencyProtocols 0057e07c
Icon sound Estella's holotape 0 0 Overseer, Overseen W05_MQ_102P_VTec_Holotape03 00544d61
Icon sound Filtcher farm interview 0 0 Treasure Unknown W05_Clue4_Holotape 00569c98
Icon sound First days in Vault 79 0 0 W05_Vault79_holotape01 0058c8b0
Icon sound Homecoming 0 0 W05_Crater_Homecoming_Tape 005855db
Icon sound Jen's goodbye 0 0 W05_Holotape_Foundation_Jen02
Icon sound Jen's journal, entry 1 0 0 W05_Holotape_Foundation_Jen01 00586f14
Icon sound Lugnuts vehicle modifications 0 0 W05_Holotape_Mechanic_Lugnut 00584d4a
Icon text Medical records: Daguerre 0 0 Privacy Violation COMP_Astronaut_008_Holotape_PatientRecords 00571f6b
Icon sound Meg sucks 0 0 W05_Crater_MegSucks_Tape 005855dd
Icon sound Mort's edu-tape 01: Placing your C.A.M.P. 0 0 Hunter for Hire W05_Wayward_MortTape01 0042a24f
Icon sound Mort's edu-tape 02: Building at your C.A.M.P. 0 0 Hunter for Hire W05_Wayward_MortTape02 0042a24e
Icon sound Mort's edu-tape 03: Powering your C.A.M.P. 0 0 Hunter for Hire W05_Wayward_MortTape03 0042a250
Icon sound Mort's edu-tape 04: Mutations!Icon cut 0 0 W05_Wayward_MortTape04 005852f8
Icon sound Negotiations 0 0 W05_MQ_003P_Muscle_DuncanSkinnerTape 005852f1
Icon sound Note to self 0 0 Strange Bedfellows W05_MQ_101P_A_DavidHolotapeNote 0041b847
Icon sound Paige's journal, entry 1 0 0 W05_Holotape_Foundation_Paige01 00586f17
Icon sound Paige's journal, entry 2 0 0 W05_Holotape_Foundation_Paige02 00586f18
Icon sound Paige's journal, entry 3 0 0 W05_Holotape_Foundation_Paige03 00586f19
Icon sound Paige's journal, entry 4 0 0 W05_Holotape_Foundation_Paige04 00586f1a
Icon sound Paige's journal, entry 5 0 0 W05_Holotape_Foundation_Paige05_GoldChoiceF1
Icon text Patent design: Deep Sleeper pod 0 0 Patently False COMP_Astronaut_007_Holotape_SchematicsPod 00571f6a
Icon sound President's eyes only 0 0 W05_WL038_DiverHolotape01 0058ccf0
Icon sound Reginald Stone's journal, entry 712 0 0 W05_Vault79_holotape02 0058c8b1
Icon sound Rocco and Lev's deal 0 0 W05_MQR_204P_LevHolotape 0056fa7e
Icon sound The End of America Icon cut 0 0 W05_WL038_EndAmerica_Tape 005855de
Icon sound The Eye's subject: Frankie 0 0 Sibling Piracy W05_COMP_RQ_Beckett_Holotape_Frankie 00596725
Icon sound The Foundation plan 0 0 W05_Crater_FoundationAttack_Tape 005855dc
Icon text The "hook up" 0 0 Strange Bedfellows W05_MQ_101P_A_HookUp 00547847
Icon sound The Saga of The Horn 0 0 W05_COMP_RQ_Beckett_Holotape_Blood 00596724
Icon sound The Wayward interrogation 0 0 W05_MQ_002P_Radical_RoperRecruitmentTape 005852f5
Icon sound Thorpe: 10/03/2077 9:34am 0 0 Strange Bedfellows W05_MQ_101P_A_DavidHolotapeTessa 0041b849
Icon sound To Meg and Crater freaks 0 0 WL047_RoccoLevDealHolotape 00583132
Icon text U.S.S.A. encryption key program 0 0 Crash Landing COMP_Astronaut_Intro_Holotape_EncryptionKey 0055f6c3
Icon sound Vault reactor incident 0 0 Overseer, Overseen W05_MQ_102P_VTec_Holotape01
Icon sound Visit with Officer Whitehead 0 0 W05_Wayward_DuchessPersonalTape 005852f0


Name Weight Value Related quest Editor ID Form ID
Icon text 999's setback 0 0 Treasure Unknown W05_Lore_FS_AutomatedSwitch 0056ab83
Icon text A repository as smart as you 0 0 W05_MQ_004P_Crane_CacheNote_AsSmartAsYou 0055d8d7
Icon text A Whale of a Tale 0 0 W05_Raider_Munch_WhaleTale 0058e9d9
Icon text ADD CRATES HERE 0 0 W05_MQ_004P_Crane_CacheNote_AddCratesHere 0055fd02
Icon text ADD FOOD HERE 0 0 W05_MQ_004P_Crane_CacheNote_AddFoodstuffsHere 0055fd05
Icon text ADD LUXURY HERE 0 0 W05_MQ_004P_Crane_CacheNote_AddLuxuryGoodHere 0055fd03
Icon text ADD WEAPONS HERE 0 0 W05_MQ_004P_Crane_CacheNote_AddWeaponHere 0055fd04
Icon text Alex's observations 2 Icon cut 0 0 WU_HolotapePlaceholder02 0040d82b
Icon text Alex's observations 8 Icon cut 0 0 WU_HolotapePlaceholder01 0040d829
Icon text Always watching 0 0 WL060_LoreNote01 0058370d
Icon text Apologies, Mr. Duncan 0 0 W05_MQ_003P_Muscle_DuncanLegalNote 00553849
Icon text Aubrie's note 0 0 W05_Aubrie_SuicideNote 005a226b
Icon text Aubrie's notes 0 0 W05_Aubrie_Journal 0058dee0
Icon text Beckon the call 0 0 Wl058_LoreNote01 00581f22
Icon text Brahmin noodle soup 0 0 WL046_Note_BrahminNoodleSoup 0058dd21
Icon text Bring me Crane! 0 0 Hunter for Hire W05_MQ_002P_GangerNote 0040f66b
Icon text Bully's note 0 0 W05_RE_Camp_BullyNote_01 0058ceb7
Icon text Camper's note 1 0 0 W05_RE_Camp_BackSoonNote_01 0058d3b5
Icon text Camper's note 2 0 0 W05_RE_Camp_BackSoonNote_02 0058d3b7
Icon text Camper's note 3 0 0 W05_RE_Camp_BackSoonNote_03 0058d3b8
Icon text Camper's note 4 0 0 W05_RE_Camp_BackSoonNote_04 0058d3b9
Icon text Charleston Herald - Tragedy Hits Hornwright 0 0 Trade Secrets W05_MQS_201P_KeycardClue3_Newspaper 003fbca9
Icon text Chase Terrier's journal 0 0 W05_Vault79_ChaseJournal 005a3607
Icon text Cole Carver's journal 0 0 W05_Vault79_CarverJournal 005a3604
Icon text Crane's map 0 0 The Elusive Crane W05_MQ_004P_CacheCraneMap 0058f279
Icon text Cultist's final plea 1 0 0 W05_RE_Camp_DeadCultistsNote_01 0058ceaa
Icon text Cultist's final plea 2 0 0 W05_RE_Camp_DeadCultistsNote_02 0058ceac
Icon text Cultist's final plea 3 0 0 W05_RE_Camp_DeadCultistsNote_03 0058cead
Icon text Cultist's final plea 4 0 0 W05_RE_Camp_DeadCultistsNote_04 0058ceae
Icon text Cultist's scrawling 1 0 0 W05_RE_Camp_CultistsNote_GreatOffering_01 0058ceb1
Icon text Cultist's scrawling 2 0 0 W05_RE_Camp_CultistsNote_GreatOffering_02 0058ceb2
Icon text Cultist's scrawling 3 0 0 W05_RE_Camp_CultistsNote_GreatOffering_03 0058ceb3
Icon text Cure for line steppers 0 0 WL054_LoreNote01 00581f24
Icon text Dishwasher Steve's note 0 0 WL046_DishwashersNote 005543b3
Icon text Earl's note to Randy 0 0 WL035_EarlNote 0042c11a
Icon text Elsie's story 0 0 W05_Elsie_Journal 0058dede
Icon text Eviction notice 0 0 W05_Lore_FS_Eviction 00569b81
Icon text Filtcher farm report 0 0 Treasure Unknown W05_Clue4_FenceReport 00569c93
Icon text Flavia's disappearance 0 0 W05_Lore_FS_ConcernedFriend 00569b82
Icon text Floyd's note to Randy 0 0 WL035_FloydNote 0042c11b
Icon text Frank's fine radstag redemption 0 0 WL046_Note_RadstagRedemption 005543af
Icon text Future plans 0 0 W05_Raider_Lev_Plans 0058eac8
Icon text Garrison's journal 0 0 W05_Vault79_GarrisonJournal 005a3603
Icon text Gauley mine production log 0 0 W05_MQ_003P_GauleyMineProdBook 0041a334
Icon text Georgia's diary page 27 0 0 WL057_CottageBunker_GeorgiaNote01 0058b9ca
Icon text Georgia's diary page 33 0 0 WL057_CottageBunker_GeorgiaNote02 0058b9cc
Icon text Grafton Steel infiltrator's note 0 0 Fun and Games W05_MQR_202P_VentNote 0041cb5d
Icon text Hunter's headcheese 0 0 WL046_Note_HeadhuntersHeadcheese 005543ae
Icon text Holland Chase invoice 9021 0 0 Treasure Unknown W05_Clue1_Invoice01 005698e7
Icon text Holland Chase invoice 9033 0 0 Treasure Unknown W05_Clue1_Invoice02 005698e8
Icon text Hornwright Industrial notice 0 0 Trade Secrets W05_MQS_201P_KeycardClue4_HornwrightNote 003fbcaa
Icon text Ideas for new match types 0 0 W05_MQR_203P_SargentoNote 0055d89d
Icon text Imagine your memories here! 0 0 W05_MQ_004P_Crane_CacheNote_ImagineYourMemoriesHere 0055d8d6
Icon text Keypass notes 0 0 WL036_RippedNote 0042c25f
Icon text Larry's lowcountry mirelurk boil 0 0 WL046_Note_MirelurkBoil 005543aa
Icon text Letter 0 0 WL048_CultistNote02 00558eab
Icon text Loris's medical diagnosis 0 0 Overseer, Overseen W05_MQ_102P_LorisNote 00544d5f
Icon text Lou's goodbye note 0 0 Cheating Death W05_MQR_201P_LouGoodbyeNote 0040d486
Icon text Lou's log: Cave-in 0 0 WL005_PillarRoomNote01 00559246
Icon text Lou's log: Chamber 0 0 WL005_CrusherRoomNote01 0055923f
Icon text Lou's log: Engine room 0 0 WL005_EngineRoomNote01 0055923a
Icon text Lou's log: New plan 0 0 WL005_EngineRoomNote02 0055923b
Icon text Lou's log: Turret repair 0 0 WL005_TurretRepairNote01 0055920c
Icon text Madison's journal page 7 0 0 WL057_CottageBunker_MadisonNote1 0058b9cb
Icon text Meetup 0 0 RE_ObjectZW02_TomNote 005640b1
Icon text Mercedes Stern's journal 0 0 W05_Vault79_SternJournal 005a3606
Icon text Note from FS 0 0 W05_Lore_FS_FlaviaNote 0056ab84
Icon text Note from Jen 0 0 Secrets Revealed W05_MQA_206P_JensNote
Icon text Order yours today! 0 0 W05_MQ_004P_Crane_CacheNote_PlaceYourOrder 0055d8d9
Icon text Participant survey 0 0 W05_WL024_MazeSurveyNote01 0058cce7
Icon text Percy's last note 0 0 WU_OswaldNote 004026de
Icon text Photo of Rosalynn's memorial 0 0 Strange Bedfellows W05_MQ_101P_A_MemorialPhoto 00546275
Icon text Prepared transcript 0 0 W05_MQS_203P_RobobrainTranscript 005a24a1
Icon text Quickly scrawled note 0 0 W05_MQS_203P_BrainPrepNote01
Icon text Read between the lines, James 0 0 W05_MQ_003P_Muscle_ReadBetweenTheLinesJames 00553848
Icon text READ CAREFULLY 0 0 W05_RE_ObjectBB02_Note 0056f1bc
Icon text Reginald Stone's journal 0 0 W05_Vault79_StoneJournal 005a3605
Icon text Requisition form 0 0 RE_ObjectZW02_SoldierNote 005640b0
Icon text RobCo stock shares (1000) 0 0 W05_MQ_004P_Crane_CacheNote_RobCoStock 0055d8d8
Icon text Rose's AI program 0 0 Strange Bedfellows W05_MQ_101P_A_AIProgramBroken
Icon text RSVP card 0 0 Trade Secrets W05_MQS_201P_KeycardClue2_RSVP 003f514f
Icon text Safe room checklist 0 0 W05_MQS_201P_SaferoomChecklist 005a02bc
Icon text Scott's letter 0 0 WL028_ScottLetter 0058e9d3
Icon text Sermon notes 0 0 WL048_CultistNote01 00558ea9
Icon text Shanghai Sally: Berkeley Springs 0 0 Treasure Unknown W05_Clue5_PoliceReport 00569c96
Icon text Shanghai Sally: Casino Shootout 0 0 Treasure Unknown W05_Clue5_Newspaper01 00569c95
Icon text Shanghai Sally: Chapter Closed 0 0 Treasure Unknown W05_Clue5_Newspaper02 00569c94
Icon text Shanghai Sally: Conclusions 0 0 Treasure Unknown W05_Clue5_Overview 00569c97
Icon text Supplies to open tomb Icon cut 0 0 WL048_CultistNote03 00558ead
Icon text Surge's letter Icon cut 0 0 W05_Raider_Surge_Letter 0058eacb
Icon text Suspicious death at Harpers Ferry 0 0 Treasure Unknown W05_Clue3_Death1 005698f8
Icon text Suspicious death of Alicia Shay 0 0 Treasure Unknown W05_Clue3_Death2 005698f9
Icon text Suspicious death of Emmanuel Tillings 0 0 Treasure Unknown W05_Clue3_Death3 005698fa
Icon text Suspicious deaths overview 0 0 Treasure Unknown W05_Clue3_DeathOverview 005698fb
Icon text Test case results 0 0 WL036_Notebook01 0053adbf
Icon text Test holotape 0 0
Icon text The end of Razorhandle's career 0 0 W05_LoreNote01 00583708
Icon text The Great War 0 0 W05_Raider_Munch_TheGreatWar 0058e9d7
Icon text The old guard, vol 14: ch 2 0 0 W05_MQS_203P_RadcliffsNotebook 0058e9da
Icon text The Nova Orbital station 0 0 W05_Raider_Munch_NovaOrbitalStation 0058e9d8
Icon text The problem with super mutants 0 0 WL052_LoreNote01 0058370c
Icon text The Rusty Pick Reopens! 0 0 POITrainStationBerkeleySprings_RustyPick_Note 0059f5fe
Icon text The solution Icon cut 0 0 W05_Raider_TheSolution 0058eac6
Icon text Things to remember Icon cut 0 0 W05_Raider_Creed_Notes 0058eac7
Icon text This Wasteland I Call Home Icon cut 0 0 W05_Raider_WastelandICallHome 0058eac5
Icon text Treasury bonds (100) 0 0 W05_MQ_004P_Crane_CacheNote_TreasuryBonds 0055d8da
Icon text Unsent letter 0 0 Strange Bedfellows W05_MQ_101P_A_DavidLetter 00566af8
Icon text Vault 79 keypad code 0 0 Buried Treasure
From Russia With Lev
Secrets Revealed
Icon text Vigilant citizen's note to Blackwell 0 0 Treasure Unknown W05_Clue1_CoverLetter 005698e2
Icon text Vigilant citizen's note to Carter 0 0 Treasure Unknown W05_Clue2_CoverLetter 005698e3
Icon text Vigilant citizen's note to Leah de Silva 0 0 Treasure Unknown W05_Clue4_CoverLetter 005698f6
Icon text Vigilant citizen's note to Sheriff Darcy 0 0 Treasure Unknown W05_Clue5_CoverLetter 005698f7
Icon text Vigilant citizen's note to Van Lowe 0 0 Treasure Unknown W05_Clue3_CoverLetter 005698f5
Icon text Ward's journal 0 0 W05_Ward_Journal 0058dee2
Icon text Weigh station logs 0 0 Treasure Unknown W05_Clue2_WeighStation 005698f4
Icon text Whats the smell?Icon sic 0 0 W05_LoreNote02 0058370a

World objectsEdit

Settlement objectsEdit


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Icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Form ID Editor ID
Wayward Souls Wayward Souls Lacey Drummond 250 XP, Squirrel bits, Mutfruit, Vodka, Stimpak, RadAway x2 00405e14 W05_MQ_001P_Wayward
Wayward Souls Hunter for Hire Duchess 0040f5be W05_MQ_002P_Radical
Wayward Souls Strength in Numbers Duchess 0041a39d W05_MQ_003P_Muscle
Wayward Souls The Elusive Crane Duchess Legendary 2 star weapon of chosen type 0041c976 W05_MQ_004P_Crane
Overseer, Overseen The New Arrivals Overseer's broadcast 003fbbb2 W05_MQ_101P
Strange Bedfellows Strange Bedfellows Vault 76 overseer 003fbc0d W05_MQ_101P_A
Foundation quest Here to Stay Vault 76 overseer 003fbc10 W05_MQ_101P_B
Overseer, Overseen Overseer, Overseen Vault 76 overseer 003ffacf W05_MQ_102P
Vault 79 quest Secrets Revealed Self 0054edb9 W05_MGA_206P


If one chooses to side with the raiders for the Vault 79 raid, only the first three quests below are accessible.

Icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Form ID Editor ID
Foundation quest Trade Secrets Paige 100 caps
Plan: Pip-Boy 2000 Mk VII paint
003f28c3 W05_MQS_201P
Foundation quest Invisible Ties Paige Plans to craft the Chinese stealth armor 003f28c7 W05_MQS_202P
Foundation quest Duty Calls Paige 0040571c W05_MQS_203P
Foundation quest Siding with Foundation Self 00592500 W05_MQS_Choice
Foundation quest Division of Wealth Self 0040c458 W05_MQS_204P
Vault 79 quest All That Glitters Self 0041cb6d W05_MQS_205P


If one chooses to side with the settlers for the Vault 79 raid, only the first three quests below are accessible.

Icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Form ID Editor ID
Strange Bedfellows Cheating Death Meg Groberg 0040d28d W05_MQR_201P
Strange Bedfellows Fun and Games Meg Groberg 0041c9e6 W05_MQR_202P
Strange Bedfellows The Ol' Weston Shuffle Meg Groberg 0042f31b W05_MQR_203P
Vault 79 quest Siding with Crater Self 005930b2 W05_MQR_Choice
Strange Bedfellows From Russia With Lev Self 00535e55 W05_MQR_204P
Strange Bedfellows Buried Treasure Self 00548b7a W05_MQR_205P

Side questsEdit

Miscellaneous questsEdit

These quests are displayed under "Miscellaneous" in the "SIDE" section of the Pip-Boy and start other side quests.

Name Location(s) Associated Quest Form ID Editor ID
Check out the newcomers outside of Vault 76 Vault 76 Wayward Souls 00405e14 W05_MQ_001P_Wayward
Talk to Meg about Vault 79 The Crater Cheating Death 0040d28d W05_MQR_201P
Talk to Paige about Vault 79 Foundation Trade Secrets 003f28c3 W05_MQS_201P
Guard the Blue Ridge Caravan shipment Big Bend Tunnel East Riding Shotgun 00560b13 E05_Caravan


Icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Form ID Editor ID
Strange Bedfellows Raider: Retirement Plan Rocksy 0054dcf9 W05_Daily_R02_Retirement
Strange Bedfellows Raider: The Importance of Communication Wren 0054fa50 W05_Daily_R01
Overseer, Overseen Raider/Settler: Photo Opportunity Davenport 3 treasury notes, if Vault 79 is raided. 00548761 W05_Daily_Photo
Foundation quest Settler: Vital Equipment Ward 0054a71a W05_Daily_Foundation01

Miscellaneous questsEdit

These quests are displayed under "Miscellaneous" in the "DAILY" section of the Pip-Boy and start other daily quests.

Name Location(s) Associated Quest Form ID Editor ID
Talk to Davenport Overseer's home
Photo Opportunity
00548761 W05_Daily_Photo


Icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Form ID Editor ID

Radiation Rumble Radiation Rumble Emmett Mountain disposal site Marion Copeland 00562877 E05_Radiation
Riding Shotgun Riding Shotgun Big Bend Tunnel Vinny Costa 00560b13 E05_Caravan


Commander DaguerreEdit

These are the framing quests. The second one remains active until the player character completes the storyline quests for Commander Daguerre.

Icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Form ID Editor ID
Wastelanders generic quest Crash Landing Abandoned bunker Radio distress call when in the vicinity of the abandoned bunker in either The Mire or the Savage Divide 0054eb40 COMP_Quest_Intro_Full_Astronaut
Wastelanders generic quest The Woman Who Fell to Earth C.A.M.P. Sofia Daguerre 0054eb3e COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Astronaut
Wastelanders generic quest Mission Out-of-Control Sugar Grove Sofia Daguerre 0056bf31 COMP_Quest_Outtro_Full_Astronaut

The following are storyline quests, which use a single master quest while changing the locations and variables. These advance her story.

Icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Form ID Editor ID
Wastelanders generic quest One Small Step ATLAS Observatory Sofia Daguerre 0058b72f COMP_QuestNameOverride_Astronaut_000
Wastelanders generic quest In Case of Emergency Clancy Manor Sofia Daguerre 0058c919 COMP_QuestNameOverride_Astronaut_001
Wastelanders generic quest Bring Home the Beacon Valley Galleria Sofia Daguerre 0058c91a COMP_QuestNameOverride_Astronaut_002
Wastelanders generic quest The Universe Conspires Dyer Chemical Sofia Daguerre 0058c91b COMP_QuestNameOverride_Astronaut_003
Wastelanders generic quest Hope Remains Welch Sofia Daguerre 0058c91c COMP_QuestNameOverride_Astronaut_004
Wastelanders generic quest Search and Destroy Nicholson's End Sofia Daguerre 0058c91d COMP_QuestNameOverride_Astronaut_005
Wastelanders generic quest Heavy Eyes Watoga Emergency Services Sofia Daguerre 0058c91e COMP_QuestNameOverride_Astronaut_006
Wastelanders generic quest Patently False AMS corporate headquarters Sofia Daguerre 0058c91f COMP_QuestNameOverride_Astronaut_007
Wastelanders generic quest Privacy Violation Braxson's Quality Medical Supplies Sofia Daguerre 0058c920 COMP_QuestNameOverride_Astronaut_008
Wastelanders generic quest Contractually Obfuscated Charleston Capitol Building Sofia Daguerre 0058c921 COMP_QuestNameOverride_Astronaut_009
Wastelanders generic quest Boot Camp New Appalachian central trainyard Sofia Daguerre 0058c922 COMP_QuestNameOverride_Astronaut_010
Wastelanders generic quest Past Expiration West Tek research center Sofia Daguerre 0058c923 COMP_QuestNameOverride_Astronaut_011
Wastelanders generic quest No Brainer Moth-Home Sofia Daguerre 0058c924 COMP_QuestNameOverride_Astronaut_012
Wastelanders generic quest Calling Long Distance Flooded trainyard Sofia Daguerre 0058c925 COMP_QuestNameOverride_Astronaut_013
Wastelanders generic quest Who Sat Down Beside Her Uncanny Caverns Sofia Daguerre 0058c926 COMP_QuestNameOverride_Astronaut_014
Wastelanders generic quest Lab Rat US-13C Bivouac Sofia Daguerre 0058c927 COMP_QuestNameOverride_Astronaut_015

The following are radiant quests, which do not advance her story.

Icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Form ID Editor ID
Wastelanders generic quest Faint Signal Sofia Daguerre 0059c304 COMP_QuestNameOverride_Astronaut_Radiant_FetchKeep_000_FaintSignal
Wastelanders generic quest Space Limitations Sofia Daguerre 0059d162 COMP_QuestNameOverride_Astronaut_Radiant_FetchReturn_000_USSA
Wastelanders generic quest Breaking the Cycle Sofia Daguerre 0059d167 COMP_QuestNameOverride_Astronaut_Radiant_FetchReturn_001_Medical
Wastelanders generic quest Run Time Execution Sofia Daguerre 0059d810 COMP_QuestNameOverride_Astronaut_Radiant_FetchReturn_002_Robots
Wastelanders generic quest Out of Bounds Sofia Daguerre 0059c301 COMP_QuestNameOverride_Astronaut_Radiant_FetchReturn_003_MilitaryCom
Wastelanders generic quest Data Driven Sofia Daguerre 0059d812 COMP_QuestNameOverride_Astronaut_Radiant_FetchReturn_004_OfficesTech
Wastelanders generic quest Return Package Sofia Daguerre 0059c302 COMP_QuestNameOverride_Astronaut_Radiant_FetchReturn_005_Generic
Wastelanders generic quest Constants Sofia Daguerre 0059d814 COMP_QuestNameOverride_Astronaut_Radiant_FetchReturn_006_Constants
Wastelanders generic quest Build Failure Sofia Daguerre 0059c2f9 COMP_QuestNameOverride_Astronaut_Radiant_Kill_000_BuildFailure
Wastelanders generic quest Rogue Bot Sofia Daguerre 0059c2f6 COMP_QuestNameOverride_Astronaut_Radiant_Kill_001_RogueRobot
Wastelanders generic quest Battery Included Sofia Daguerre 0059c2f7 COMP_QuestNameOverride_Astronaut_Radiant_Kill_002_BatteryIncluded
Wastelanders generic quest Access Denied Sofia Daguerre 0059c2f8 COMP_QuestNameOverride_Astronaut_Radiant_Kill_003_AccessDenied
Wastelanders generic quest Glitchcraft Sofia Daguerre 0059c2fe COMP_QuestNameOverride_Astronaut_Radiant_Kill_004_Glitchcraft
Wastelanders generic quest Expired Contract Sofia Daguerre 0059c2fa COMP_QuestNameOverride_Astronaut_Radiant_Kill_005_ExpiredContract_Raiders
Wastelanders generic quest Close Encounter Sofia Daguerre 0059c2fc COMP_QuestNameOverride_Astronaut_Radiant_Kill_006_Aliens
Wastelanders generic quest No Exceptions Sofia Daguerre 0059d166 COMP_QuestNameOverride_Astronaut_Radiant_Rescue_000_Exceptions
Wastelanders generic quest Overflow Error Sofia Daguerre 0059c300 COMP_QuestNameOverride_Astronaut_Radiant_Rescue_0055_OverflowError
Wastelanders generic quest Reset Variables Sofia Daguerre 0059c303 COMP_QuestNameOverride_Astronaut_Radiant_Rescue_0055_Variables


These are the framing quests. The second one remains active until the player character completes the storyline quests for Beckett.

Icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Form ID Editor ID
Wastelanders generic quest Narrow Escape Rollins labor camp A Blood Eagles voice heard upon entering the Ash Heap 00574625
Wastelanders generic quest An Eagle Flies Free Player's C.A.M.P. Beckett 00582162
Wastelanders generic quest Thicker Than Water Watoga Underground Beckett 005a05de

The following tasks advance Beckett's storyline.

Icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Form ID Editor ID
Wastelanders generic quest Dirty Little Secrets The Freak Show Beckett 0059671e
Wastelanders generic quest Exit Sage Left Blake's Offering Beckett 0059671c
Wastelanders generic quest Out of Key Treetops Beckett 0059671a
Wastelanders generic quest Traitor's Demise Ingram Mansion Beckett 00596715
Wastelanders generic quest Supply and Demand Hawke's Refuge Beckett 00596714
Wastelanders generic quest Spilling Blood Bloody Frank's Beckett 00596713
Wastelanders generic quest Pet Peeve Johnson's Acre Beckett 0059670b
Wastelanders generic quest Shooting Star Seneca Gang camp Beckett 0059670a
Wastelanders generic quest Bot of Gold Garrahan Mining Headquarters Beckett 00596709
Wastelanders generic quest Sibling Piracy The Vantage Beckett 00596708
Wastelanders generic quest Needs of the Many Ammo dump Beckett 00596707
Wastelanders generic quest Eye for an Eye Crimson Prospect Beckett 00596712

These are generic radiant quests given by Beckett.

Icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Form ID Editor ID
Wastelanders generic quest Stalking Stuffer Beckett 005a22b1 COMP_QuestNameOverride_Beckett_Fetch
Wastelanders generic quest Loose Ends Beckett 005a2726 COMP_QuestNameOverride_Beckett_Kill_BloodEagle
Wastelanders generic quest Cropping Spree Beckett 005a240c COMP_QuestNameOverride_Beckett_Kill_Generic
Wastelanders generic quest Saving Skin Beckett 005a2728 COMP_QuestNameOverride_Beckett_Rescue

Raider punkEdit

These are generic radiant quests given by the raider punk every couple of days.

Icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Form ID Editor ID
Wastelanders generic quest Genetic Tracks Dent & Sons Construction Raider punk Random items plus caps & scrip 0054eb40
Wastelanders generic quest Time to Collect Multiple Raider punk Random items plus caps & scrip
Wastelanders generic quest Making Sacrifices Multiple Raider punk Random items plus caps & scrip
Wastelanders generic quest Rescue Agency Multiple Raider punk Random items plus caps & scrip
Wastelanders generic quest Squash the Mothman Multiple Raider punk Random items plus caps & scrip

Settler foragerEdit

These are generic radiant quests given by the settler forager.

Icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Form ID Editor ID
Wastelanders generic quest Search and Rescue Settler forager
Wastelanders generic quest Marked for Death West Tek research center Settler forager

Settler wandererEdit

These are generic radiant quests given by the Settler wanderer.

Icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Form ID Editor ID
Wastelanders generic quest Lucky Find Multiple Settler wanderer
Wastelanders generic quest Threat Assessment Multiple Settler wanderer
Wastelanders generic quest A Call For Help Multiple Settler wanderer


Icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Form ID Editor ID
Icon gray x Treasure Unknown Grafton Pawn Shop Self 005698e4 W05_MQ_000P


Icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Form ID Editor ID
A Refreshing Outlook Foundation Samuel 003f28cc zzz_W05_SettlersDaily_Painting
Davie's Secret Mission Foundation Davie Taylor 00541685 zzz_W05_SettlersDaily_Secret
Donations for the Clinic Foundation Aubrie Willem 003f2dc7 zzz_W05_SettlersDaily_Clinic
Fieldhand Needed! Foundation Derrick Taylor / Elsie Taylor 00403436 zzz_W05_SettlersDaily_Fieldhand
Restock the Armory Foundation Ward 0041b725 zzz_W05_SettlersDaily_Restock
Stewing Over Things Foundation Sunny 003f2dc9 zzz_W05_SettlersDaily_Stew



Achievement Description Achievement points/ Gamer Score Trophy type PC/PS4 Image Xbox Image
Wayward Child Complete The Elusive Crane 15 Gamerscore Bronze Wayward Child trophy Wayward Child Xbox achievement
Overdue Reunions Find the Overseer 20 Gamerscore Bronze Overdue Reunions trophy Overdue Reunion Xbox achievement
Go for the Gold Complete Buried Treasure 30 Gamerscore Silver Go for the Gold trophy Go for the Gold Xbox achievement
A Golden Future Complete All That Glitters 30 Gamerscore Silver A Golden Future trophy A Golden Future Xbox achievement
Wish upon a Star Complete Sofia's story 20 Gamerscore Bronze Wish Upon a Star trophy Wish Upon A Star Xbox achievement
Behind the Curtain Complete Beckett's story 20 Gamerscore Bronze Behind the Curtain trophy Behind the Curtain Xbox achievement
A Solid Foundation Become allies with Foundation 30 Gamerscore Bronze A Solid Foundation trophy A Solid Foundation Xbox achievement
Friends in Low Places Become allies with Crater 30 Gamerscore Bronze Friends in Low Places trophy Friends in Low Places Xbox achievement
Gold Rush Gain 300 gold bullion 20 Gamerscore Bronze Gold Rush trophy Gold Rush Xbox achievement
The New Fort Knox Gain 1500 gold bullion 40 Gamerscore Silver The New Fort Knox trophy The New Fort Knox Xbox achievement


  • Full dialogue system, including additions of player character dialogue to preexisting NPC conversations, such as those with Rose and MODUS.
  • Instancing on various locations, new and old.[7]
  • Faction reputation systems.
  • New random encounters.
  • Allies
  • Reworked quest system.
  • Backpack vanity updates.
  • Gold bullion as a new currency.



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Concept art and modelsEdit


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