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Wastelander holotape #1 is a holotape in the Fallout 3 add-on Broken Steel.


The wastelander holotape #1 is an audio log of a female wastelander describing how she and her companions were ordered by Jed to use their charm to lure a water caravan into an ambush. There are two pieces of sexy sleepwear and a leather armor on the ground next to the holotape and party hat on the table. Outside the corner ruins, are three female wastelanders. Killing them results in no loss of karma.


South of Arefu, between VAPL-58 power station and Kaelyn's Bed & Breakfast, under a rocky cliff, where the skeleton of Patrick who committed suicide is located. (See Patrick's farewell)


We've been in this position for a couple of days now. No sign of the caravans. This is bullshit! I want some god damn water! I'm gonna kill Jed for putting us girls through this shit. Why get close to the caravan when we could just blow 'em away from the distance? He says we need the ammunition and can't afford to lose anybody. "Just use your good looks or something", he says. What an ass.

Behind the scenes

The wastelander in this holodisk was voiced by Shari Elliker.