The wastelander campsite is an unmarked location in Fallout 3, located on the very edge of the map, southwest of the yao guai tunnels and west of Rockopolis.


The location is difficult to spot, due to being surrounded by cliffs on three sides. The tent can also be difficult to see, as it is camouflaged against the rocks. Here you will find two wastelanders around a campfire listening to a radio.

On top of the nearby rock spire, there's an elevated platform providing an ideal observation perch for a sniper, therefore suitably, a sniper rifle and ammunition box can be found near a chair. The tent itself contains a Ham radio, a usable bed, 2 first aid boxes, and other minor loot - a plasma grenade may be found in one of the pots. Behind the tent is another ammunition box and a mine box.


  • Although this location can be used for player housing if needed, it would be rather inconvenient, as there is not a fast travel marker nearby.
  • If the player kills one of the wastelanders staying here, the other won't become hostile.


The wastelander campsite appears only in Fallout 3.


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