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For other uses of the term wastelander in the Fallout series, see wastelander.

Wastelander is a general term for anyone living in the wasteland who is not affiliated with a group or organization. They make a subsistence living off the land, trade with local settlements, and try not to be ravaged by the abundant, and usually hostile wildlife, or roaming raider gangs such as Jackals and Vipers. Most are not hostile at first but will defend themselves if attacked. When that happens, they usually die, quickly.[1]


Wastelanders can be found as corpses at various locations across the Mojave Wasteland. Because they are set as respawning non-player characters, they may sometimes be found alive wandering around their spawn area, but with 0 health which results in an instant kill. They have no unique dialogue other than the repetitive, "I'll mind my business, you mind yours," and some other lines of generic dialogue.

Daily scheduleEdit

All wastelanders are found in fixed locations such as:

  • Northwest of Novac past the radio antenna tower, a dead wastelander can be found in a cave with a campfire, a free bed, first aid kit, shovel and more. After respawning, he will wander the area outside of the cave.
  • In the scorpion gulch, a wastelander's corpse may be found alive among several radscorpions in which he will die immediately.
  • One may be found dead around the area where the three roads split between Clark Field and the toxic dump site.
  • In Nipton, inside the town hall.
  • El Rey Motel, inside the motel room with the four bark scorpions and the threatening note.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

Interactions overviewEdit

This character has no special interactions.


* 25% chance of spawning


Wastelanders appear in Fallout: New Vegas, although the word wastelander is used in Fallout 2, and characters that can be considered wastelanders appear throughout the series.


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