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Wasteland outfits are common outfits worn by many wastelanders in Fallout: New Vegas.


Crudely made, they provide only the most basic protection and are easy to come by as they can be bought from several traders, can be found on many corpses or inside several homes throughout the Mojave Wasteland.


Brahmin-skin outfit

Brahmin skin outfit.png

A basic outfit consisting of a white shirt and patched overalls with Y-shaped suspenders complete with boots. The female version of this outfit has a rolled-up long-sleeve shirt and pants.

Wasteland wanderer outfit

Wasteland wanderer outfit.png

Most wastelanders will wear this outfit. It consists of a tan zipped-up hoodie and cargo pants tucked into riding boots. It is very common to find.

Wasteland settler outfit

Wasteland settler outfit.png

It is more or less a crudely made olive-tan colored shirt with a makeshift belt made from cloth. This outfit is worn by many people living in towns such as Novac. It's also worn by many homeless or "broke" people such as Rotface.

Wasteland legend outfit

Merc veteran outfit.png

The wasteland legend outfit is identical with the merc veteran outfit, except for a neckband. The outfit provides a DT of 3, as well as +2 to both guns and melee. It has a weight of 8 pounds and can be repaired with any merc outfit. It can only be obtained through console commands.

Variants with differents stats

Wasteland doctor fatigues

Wasteland doctor fatigues.png

Wasteland doctor fatigues is a variant of the wasteland outfit with a bonus of +5 to Medicine instead of the usual one. The wasteland doctor fatigues consist of a white t-shirt for males; a white tank top for females, a small brown satchel bag, and brown cargo pants with pouches attached to the belt, and boots. You can buy one from Calamity at Jacobstown, also Freeside thugs who are hostile to the player often wear the fatigues. The fatigues are also worn by several doctors such as Bert Gunnarsson and Sawbones.

Wasteland surgeon outfit

The wasteland surgeon outfit is a blood splattered version of the wasteland doctor fatigues, also with a bonus of +5 to Medicine. Freeside thugs who are hostile to the player character often wear the wasteland surgeon outfit. One can buy one from Calamity at Jacobstown, as well as find one on Doctor Rotson's body in Hell's Motel in Mesquite Mountains crater.


Ballcap with glasses

Ballcap with glasses.png

A lighter-colored baseball cap worn with eyeglasses. The cap is sometimes worn by Powder Gangers.

Stormchaser hat

Stormchaser Hat.png

The stormchaser hat is a very common article of clothing sold randomly by most merchants and worn by traveling merchants. When purchased from a vendor, a stormchaser hat will be in perfect condition. It can also be combined with eyewear. It is a white fedora worn with a green hood.