The Wasteland explorer theme is one of the possible themes for the player character's residence in Fallout 3.

Megaton houseEdit

Wasteland Explorer Theme

The wooden benches

WET motorcycle

The motorcycle upstairs

The Wasteland explorer theme features a motorcycle in an upstairs room and some wooden benches and chairs. The motorcycle will explode when shot and remain on fire for some time. After buying this theme from Moira Brown, the Megaton house will also contain:

Tenpenny Tower suiteEdit

Wasteland explorer theme Tenpenny

As in all themes, the list of items is different if the home is in Tenpenny Tower.


  • Much like the Vault theme, the lighting of the house will change when this theme is applied. However, instead of blue lighting, the light becomes almost orange in color, causing a 'color washout' effect on many items and surfaces.
  • After the first time the home is visited, the tint will go away.
  • In the Pip-Boy's Items' Misc section, the theme will be seen as an unremovable item. On the PC, it can be removed by typing player.removeitem 7c121 1 in the console.


  • If this theme is applied to the Megaton house, Dogmeat will spawn on the table when entering. This is a harmless but amusing glitch.
  • If the motorbike in the Megaton house explodes through any means, it will sometimes trap Wadsworth behind the wreckage if he is in the room. There is no way to put out the flames and they will remain indefinitely.
    • (PCIcon pc If the bike's flaming chassis is selected in the console, and "disable" is typed in, the bike and flames will be removed)
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