There are numerous captives through the wasteland. It appears they have been captured by super mutants. Releasing them results in a karma boost. Care should be taken that you do not accidentally kill the captive while killing their captors. A stray missile will kill them easily, or even a frag grenade poorly thrown by a mutant.

While escaping captives may end up killed by any surviving mutants or other hazards in the wasteland, you can escort captives until they are out of capital wasteland. There's no bonus of doing so, except that you may get to discover many new places in the map if they have not been discovered already, since captives tend to walk past a lot of those places.

Captive sites can be spotted from a distance by looking for gore bags. These bags often contain ammo and caps.

Be careful around captive locations, there are often mines, rigged shotguns, or grenade bouquets around. These grenades might just accidentally kill the captive for you.

Captive locations

One is halfway between the Jefferson Memorial and Rivet City. It is difficult to walk between the two places without noticing a pocket of 8 or so super mutants. The mutant at the top holding a minigun stands next to the captive.

One at Hallowed Moors Cemetary. Watch out for traps.

A captive is at Mason Dixon Salvage surrounded by about 8 mutants.

There is a Captive where the 4th Keller Tape is. (Please confirm - inside the shack?)

Between Mason district south and Hubris comics. About 6 mutants, beware of the cars which might accidentally kill the captive.

Between Georgetown south and the mall. The captive is in the middle of the square.

There are two captives at Clifftop Shacks which is almost due north of Minefield and west of Vault 92. The super Mutants see you coming and therefore come to meet you so it's easy to dispose of them without hurting the captives. (This area was populated with raider corpses and a dead brotherhood outcast - a captive was found dead. It is assumed that a battle took place and a captive was killed in the crossfire)

There are two captives in the Roosevelt academy escape tunnels and maintenance section.

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