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Master the post-apocalypse! This targets any critter you aim your gun at; you may wish to check the level of your target first in V.A.T.S. with the Awareness perk. The higher ranks allow you to seek more interesting commands, giving you the opportunity to, say, encounter a Feral Ghoul Glowing One and bring it with you into a nearby Gunner camp. At Rank 3, the creature acts a little like a dumber pet, with more control over where you can send it, usually into areas to cause a distraction.Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide description

Wasteland Whisperer is a perk in Fallout 4.


Chance to pacify/control hostile creatures.


Rank Requirements Description Form ID
1 CH 9 Master the post-apocalypse! With your gun, aim at any Wasteland creature below your level and gain a chance to pacify it. 001D248A
2 CH 9, LVL 21 When you successfully pacify a creature, you can incite it to attack. 001D248B
3 CH 9, LVL 49 When you successfully pacify a creature, you can give it specific commands. 001D248C

To use this perk, you must aim a ranged weapon at a wasteland creature and press your interact button (X on PS4, A on Xbox). This perk is not guaranteed to work, even on enemies with a significantly lower level than yours. Once an attempt is made, another is possible after waiting a short amount of time. If successful, a mini animation of the vault boy will pop up and the target will become friendly according to your HUD; however, it will become hostile if you holster your gun. Similarly, if you do an action that requires holstering your gun (e.g. exiting a suit of power armor) the creature will become hostile again.

Once intimidated, the creature appears to lose its faction allegiance but will still react to crimes committed against them. For example, an intimidated enemy will not attack if their allies are wounded/killed. Note that damaging/killing one intimidated enemy will have no effects on other intimidated enemies, only that specific individual.

Pacifiable wasteland creatures


The Sole Survivor will sometimes make species specific comments when pacifying and inciting targets.

Creature Pacify Incite Command
Feral ghoul "Calm down, ya freak!" "Avenge your pain! Kill!" "I know you hear me. Now do what I say."
Super mutant "Stop! Human is friend..." "Super Mutant! Kill... everything!" "Obey me, mutant!"
Mirelurk "Whoa, crabby." "For the sea kingdom! Destroy! "I command you, now."
Radroach "Don't move, roach..." (Buzzing), "attack!" *Insect Clicking* "You ready?"
Radscorpion "Nice giant scorpion..." *Insect Clicking* "Attack!" *Insect Clicking* "You ready?"
Deathclaw "Ho ho, now girl. It's all right." "Rip 'em to shreds!" "Okay, let's put those claws to use."
Bloatfly "Hey, buzz buzz." *Insect Buzzing* "Kill! Infest!" "There's a good fly.
Bloodbug "There's a mosquito" "Smell the blood. Feast!" "Good bug. Do as I say."
Stingwing "Good Wasp... Thing." "Kill!", "Attack!" *Insect Buzzing* "You ready?"
Synth "Stop right there!" ? ?
Mutant hound "Be calm! Obey!" "Rip 'em apart!" "I'm your master now."
Brahmin "Shhh... It's okay, girl." "Get 'em girl! Attack!" "That's it, girl."
Radstag "Great stag! I am friend!" "You've got this. Attack!" "Ready, little guy?"
Yao guai "S'okay, big bear." *Bear Growling* "Attack!" *Bear Growling* "You ready?"
Mole rat "Heeyy... little buddy." "Go little guy. Kill, kill, kill!"
Dog "Good dog..." "Sick 'em!" "There's a good dog."


  • Initial pacification has a flat 40% chance of success, so long as the enemy is a valid target. Inciting/commanding a pacified enemy always succeeds.
  • If a pacification attempt fails, another attempt cannot be made on the same enemy for 60 seconds.
    • A failed pacification attempt will also trigger a minor alert to nearby enemies, which will put you in Caution state while sneaking and can lead to enemies discovering you.
  • Legendary enemies can be pacified.
  • The injured alien at the UFO crash site cannot be pacified.
  • Hostile companions can not be pacified.
  • Enemies incited by rank 2 of this perk will attack other incited or pacified enemies.
  • Sneak bonus damage is applied to attacks on pacified enemies, if applicable.
  • Holstering your weapon or leaving and then returning to the area will make all pacified enemies hostile again. This includes using terminals or sitting down.
    • Incited enemies will remain incited after holstering, but will still revert to being hostile if one leaves the area and then returns.
  • Pacifying an enemy with this perk will not satisfy any objective that requires clearing enemies out of an area, meaning you will have to dispose of them before the objective is counted as complete.
  • Though super mutants are vulnerable to Wasteland Whisperer, their hounds are not. Mutant hounds require the Animal Friend perk to pacify.
  • The player must be within a certain range of the target to attempt to pacify it. If the pacify attempt is successful, the player must still move closer to the target if they wish to Incite/Command it.
  • Pacifying, inciting, or commanding multiple enemies is possible. Pacifying one enemy will not "unpacify" another. If you try to command two hostile enemies at once, the latest one will be under your control while the other one will attack you.
  • With Wasteland Workshop installed, this perk can be used on creatures that have been captured in a cage even if there is an active Beta wave emitter in the respective settlement. Doing so does not give the player actual control over the creature, however. In fact, it has no effect at all as long as the Sole Survivor doesn't holster their weapon, in which case the creature will turn hostile as usual regardless of the emitter.
  • The Creation Kit holds the dialogue for all Wasteland Whisperer commands in the holdup quest "Stick 'em up".

Behind the scenes

This perk was implemented into Fallout 4 by level designer Justin Schram.[1]


  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One If you will pacify a super mutant suicider and then shoot him, so he will become hostile again. If the glitch triggers, you will see him not moving, holding an invisible nuke that emits red light. The nuke won't blow up during this glitch.[verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One Wearing a power armor helmet with the Targeting HUD mod while using any rank of this ability will still display the vault boy animation when a successful pacification is made, however the enemy will remain hostile and unresponsive to being incited to attack, or given commands. Likewise, if that power armor helmet is equipped after the creature has been pacified, it will become hostile again. [verified]
    • An easy solution is to unequip the power armor helmet before attempting any pacification. (This is only true IF you pacify PRIOR to the target mark occurring. With multiple tests, if the recon tag affects the enemy before pacify, both can simultaneously affect the target).


  1. Alumni Guest: Justin Schram From Bethesda Game Studios (reference starts at 4:30)
    Justin Schram: "For Fallout 4, I actually developed three of the perks...the hold-up system. So, Animal Friend, Intimidation, and Wasteland Whisperer were these perks where you could get an enemy to not fight, you could essentially pacify them. I was trying to make a non-combat sort of play style."