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Wasteland Warlord is a perk in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


This perk is obtained during the quest Home Sweet Home. The first rank is obtained when the first raider camp is established in the Commonwealth, and the second rank is unlocked upon establishing the third of three required settlements for the quest.

The third rank requires establishing eight raider camps. However, this cannot be done (and thus the rank obtained) until completion of Power Play, as Shank urges the Sole Survivor to return to Nuka-World to sort out the problems developing there and will not issue jobs to obtain more settlements until after that is done.


Rank Requirements Unlocks Form ID
1 1 Raider outpost Unlocks Resources (Pick-me-up station, Booze still, Nuka-World radio transmitter, Amplifier) xx0277D0
2 3 Raider outposts Unlocks Dealers (Armor dealer, Booze joint, Chems dealer, Gear dealer, Outfit dealer, Weapons dealer) xx0277D1
3 8 Raider outposts Tribute chest xx0277D2


  • Unlocking the third rank of this perk will coincide with obtaining the Hostile Takeover achievement.