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Wasteland Survival is a magazine perk in Fallout 4. It has nine ranks, each received by reading the nine different issues of the Wasteland Survival Guide.


Reading an issue of this comic will grant increasing survival efficiency, each issue focusing on a specific topic.


EditID (magazine) Issue Perk & Effect Editor ID Form ID
#1, Farming The Wastes Heal +50% more from fruits and vegetables. PerkMagWastelandSurvival01 001C63E6
#2, Insect Repellent Special Take 5% less damage from insects. PerkMagWastelandSurvival02 001C63E3
#3, The Bright Side of Radiation Poisoning Heal +50% from irradiated packaged food and drink. PerkMagWastelandSurvival03 001C63E7
#4, The Scrapyard Home Decoration Guide Unlock new decoration (two lawn flamingos) in workshop settlements (this perk won't be shown in perk-list of Pip-Boy). PerkMagWastelandSurvival04 001C63EC
#5, Guide To Diamond City Diamond City is marked on your map (this perk won't be shown in perk-list of Pip-Boy). PerkMagWastelandSurvival05 001C63E8
#6, Commonwealth Coupon Spectacular Gain +10% discount from food and drink vendors. PerkMagWastelandSurvival06 001C63E4
#7, Water Aerobics for Ghouls Swim 25% faster. PerkMagWastelandSurvival07 001C63E9
#8, Self Defense Secrets Take 5% less damage from melee attacks. PerkMagWastelandSurvival08 001C63EB
#9, Hunting in the Wastes Collect more meat from animal kills. PerkMagWastelandSurvival09 00135F08


The perks from issues #4 and #5 are not displayed in the Pip-Boy.


PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One The Wasteland Survival 9 perk obtained from Hunting in the Wastes can bug out, no longer granting additional meat. [verified]