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Find the source of a dangerously potent beverage.
The Brewing Station is a workbench that you'll learn to construct during the 'Wasted on Nukashine' quest... During 'Wasted on Nukashine', you'll also learn to craft the Fermenter. Build one of these in your C.A.M.P. and place drinks within to reduce the wait time needed to try your latest creations.Inside the Vault: Wild Appalachia Preview: Brewing and Distilling

Wasted on Nukashine is a side quest in the Fallout 76 update Wild Appalachia.

Quick walkthrough[]

Side Quest: Wasted on Nukashine 
Attend the fraternity party at the Pi House
Investigate the building and drink a bottle of Nukashine
Experience the effects of the drink over 2 minutes, and fight off the invading party crashers. 
Read the label and solve the riddle on it by going to the back of Big Al's Tattoo Parlor
Talk to Biv
Acquire the supply room password by searching the Eta Psi House
Open the supply room. 
Acquire the six ingredients of Nukashine. 
Craft Nukashine at a brewing station. 
Optional: Use the Flash-Fermenter to speed up its fermentation. 
Reward: Brewing station plan, fermenter plan, Nukashine x1, 150 caps, and 500 XP 

Detailed walkthrough[]

To begin this quest, find one of the party posters near VTU, Morgantown, several bus stops, or train stations. Alternatively, the poster can be purchased for free from the Atomic Shop and placed in a workshop or C.A.M.P. before interacting with it. If for some reason the quest still does not activate, it should upon entering the Pi House.

The first quest marker leads to the Pi House in Fraternity Row in Morgantown, filled with corpses and skeletons of students, seemingly killed while partying. Investigate the area, read Ted Dorfman's terminal, and access the entry entitled "Nukashine". Find the bottle of Nukashine on the desk next to the terminal and then drink it. Fight off the feral ghouls that spawn as party crashers for 2 minutes, and then the player character will black out and wake up in a random location that usually will have an empty bottle of Nukashine lying nearby.

Upon waking up, inspect the Nukashine label and solve the riddle to find the source of the Nukashine - a speakeasy near the University, located in the basement of Big Al's Tattoo Parlor. Note that the Nuka-Cola machine near the entrance is a secret door which will lead to the basement. There, the player character will meet Biv E. Ridge, a drunk Robobrain that gives the first part of the Nukashine ingredients note. Go to the Eta Psi House, read Judy's terminal, and select the entry entitled "Supply Room" to get the password. Go back to the speakeasy in Big Al's Tattoo Parlor and open the supply room to find the remaining part of the note.

After collecting both parts of the note, find all of the required ingredients (5 corn, 5 razorgrain, 5 wood, 2 boiled waters, 1 Nuka-Cola Quantum, 3 nuclear material). The nuclear material can be found right there in the supply room. Keep in mind the high levels of radiation emitting from the leaking radioactive barrels. Corn and razorgrain can be found at the farm just south of Big Al's, along with a water pump for the boiled water. Nuka-Cola Quantum can be found at the old Kanawha Nuka-Cola plant east of Charleston, purchased from a vendor bot if they have one in their inventory, or randomly found in a Nuka-Cola machine. If purchased from a vendor bot, Bubbles at The Whitespring Resort is the best choice as she usually has at least one Nuka-Cola Quantum in her stock alongside most of the other flavors of Nuka-Cola found in game.

Finally, return to the speakeasy and use a brewing station to craft it and the Flash-Fermenter to finish it; note that you will have to examine a warning note on the Flash-Fermenter first. After the Nukashine is ready, give it to Biv to complete the quest. After that, Biv can be visited daily for one of two repeatable quests to unlock additional brewing recipes and fully fermented alcohol that are not found anywhere else in-game except through brewing. The brewing station and fermenter are unlocked as well to be built in the CAMP to brew the recipes there rather than with the two located in The Nukashine with Biv.

Quest stages[]

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Read the poster
? Attend a fraternity party
? Investigate what the partygoers were drinkingI entered a fraternity house in Morgantown to discover the remnants of a party so wild that it... killed people? I wonder if I can find some clue about what happened here.
? Drink a bottle of NukashineTed Dorfman, the Pi Mu Chapter President, has some messages in his terminal about a new alcoholic beverage called Nukashine. Looks like all the dead students at the party were drinking it. I should try a sip!
? (02:00) Experience the effects of Nukashine
? (Optional) Clear out the party crashers!
? Read the Nukashine Label in your inventoryI blacked out after drinking Nukashine. That is one crazy drink. It may be worth trying to find out where it came from. I think the bottle had something written on its label?
? Solve the riddleAt our Alma Mater stands a boy, gray & cold, The steps behind him are the first threshold, Around the right corner, study the street, Just to the left is the place that we meet, There you can stain your skin with ink, But find the back door & we'll get you a drink
? Search for information about Nukashine
? Read the Nukashine Ingredients list in your inventory
? Find out Nukashine's missing ingredientI discovered a speakeasy near Vault-Tec University, where Biv the Robobrain was tasked with quality-testing alcohols. He gave me half the recipe for Nukashine. Maybe I can find the missing half somewhere in the speakeasy.
? Find the supply room passwordThere is a locked supply room in the back of the speakeasy which may contain more information about Nukashine. I need to get in there, and that means tracking down the password from Judy, president of the Eta Psi Greek Society and owner of the speakeasy.
? Open the supply roomI found a password in Judy's terminal at Eta Psi House. I should head back to the speakeasy and see if I can find any more information about Nukashine behind that locked door.
? Gather the ingredients for NukashineAnd the final ingredient of Nukashine is: Nuclear Waste! Could this be why it didn't agree with the students at the party? Either way, Biv the Robobrain still needs to complete his quality test, so I should make some Nukashine for him.
? Gather Nuclear Material (#/3)
? Gather Wood (#/5)
? Gather Boiled Water (#/2)
? Harvest Corn (#/5)
? Harvest Razorgrain (#/5)
? Collect Nuka-Cola Quantum (#/1)
? Craft Nukashine at a Brewing Station
? Wait for Nukashine to ferment
? (Optional) Find a way to speed up the processI made Nukashine, but it still needs to ferment into its final form before being consumed. If I look around the speakeasy, maybe I can find a way to speed this up?
? (Optional) Use the Flash Fermenter to speed up the process
? (Optional) Investigate Eta Psi House
?Quest finishedGive Nukashine to Biv


  • If the party post is purchased from the Atomic Shop, it can be crafted and placed in a C.A.M.P. to instantly begin the quest without having to travel to where the fixed locations are.
  • The location one wakes up in may be in a much higher level area than where one drinks the Nukashine, including regions such as the Mire, which include nearby Sheepsquatch spawn points.