Gametitle-FO76 WA
Gametitle-FO76 WA
Help Biv test the quality of a new alcoholic recipe.

Repeatable: Wasted on Alcohol is a repeatable quest in Fallout 76. The actual name of this quest will vary, with the word "Alcohol" replaced with a different beverage each time it is repeated.

Quick walkthroughEdit

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Detailed walkthroughEdit

Biv wants the player character to craft a new drink for his daily quality test. Use a brewing station to craft the newly received recipe, gathering any needed components as necessary. Optionally, finish it using a fermenter at a C.A.M.P. to decrease the waiting time. Once complete, give the beverage to Biv for his report.

It is not necessary to brew the alcohol requested if the player character already has it in their inventory. The existing alcohol can be given directly to Biv.

Quest stagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Craft <Alias=Loc_AlcoholName> at a Brewing StationBiv wants me to craft a new drink for his daily quality test. I should try out the recipe at a Brewing Station, ferment it, and give it to Biv for his report.
? Wait for <Alias=Loc_AlcoholName> to ferment
? (Optional) Use a Fermenter at C.A.M.P.
? Retrieve <Alias=Loc_AlcoholName> from your Stash or Fermenter
? Give <Alias=Loc_AlcoholName> to Biv

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