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The waste disposal station is a location in the Divide in 2281.



The entrance is located to the east of Ulysses' Temple on the lowest level of the canyon. It is a small entrance in the wall that can very easily be missed or mistaken due to blending in with the surrounding landscape. There is a RALPHIE poster needed for the Feel Like a Kid Again challenge just to the right of the entrance.


The waste disposal station is reduced to a hole in the wall that extends about 30 feet back. Scattered throughout are radioactive barrels that give up to 3 rads per second. There is a skeleton located in the back with a note. The remains of a pre-War bunker can be seen through a hole in the ceiling, filled with barrels. It would appear that the presence of radioactive waste is due to the bunker floor above collapsing.

Notable loot

  • Wasteland Survival Guide - Inside the waste disposal station in the middle of the area where the bunker floor has collapsed, behind the radioactive barrel on its side with a skeleton on it. Because the entrance to the station is difficult to find, it is suggested to use the local map on the Pip-Boy to find the entrance, as this is the only copy of the Wasteland Survival Guide that can be found outside the base game.
  • Marksman carbine - Located near the skeleton in the back.
  • For whoever finds this.... - Can be found in the hand of the skeleton. When the note is taken, several tunnelers will emerge in the station.


The waste disposal station appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road.