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Journey through The Burrows to find the source of robotic activity.

Waste Management is a side quest in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wild Appalachia update.

Quick walkthrough[]

To begin Waste Management, you'll need to access The Burrows using one of two manhole covers in Harpers Ferry. One is near the Armory and the other near Highway 65. Find a dead Brotherhood of Steel scribe within, whose corpse holds information that will send you deeper into the sewers. The Burrows is balanced to be a challenge for 2+ level 50+ Vault Dwellers, but truly brave (and well geared) souls may be able to tackle it alone. If you manage to emerge victorious, you'll receive plenty of loot and experience for your troubles. The quest can only be completed once, but after it’s finished you can repeat the dungeon as many times as you’d like for even more loot and XP.fallout.bethesda.net

Involves finding the items: Burrows mission brief, Burrows old tunnel key. There is also an ambush sequence involving an Assaultron and other robot guards.

Detailed walkthrough[]

Upon entering the Burrows, recover the holotape from the Brotherhood corpse directly ahead. After listening to it, proceed into the sewer tunnels, with the objective being to reach the control room in the pump station. Be prepared, as the tunnels are crawling with gangrenous and charred feral ghouls. There are several crafting stations along the way to scrap any junk collected as well. An automated turret has to be dealt with before being able to pass into the area of the Burrows where the Burrow Boys set up their main camp.

Upon reaching the jail cell door leading into the old sewers, a key is needed to unlock it. Read the note next to the corpse by the door to be directed to the throne room where the key can be found. Once past the gate, deal with more feral ghouls as the path has to occasionally divert from the main tunnel due to cave-ins until reaching the mag-locked door to the pump station. Read the entry on the terminal about maintenance and follow the nearby tunnel to the end where the valve is located with a skeleton and two mole rat corpses. Turn the valve, but prepare to be ambushed by three more feral ghouls in the process. Head back to the door, and check the terminal again to find an option to unlock the door. If the door locks before getting through, go back and turn the valve again to enable the ability to unlock it again.

Head into the pump station, but be prepared to now deal with Mister Gutsy and Protectron robots in the pump station. If unable to hack the terminal next to the mag-locked doors to the control room, use the catwalks to find an alternate route in via a back door. Once in the control room, watch out for the automated machine gun turrets on the walls while focusing on the Assaultron boss. The turrets can be deactivated by hacking a Level 3 terminal in the room overseeing the control room. Once the Assaultron is eliminated, the quest completes, awarding The Gutter and other various rewards. A shortcut back into the part of the Burrows where the makeshift community was set up can be accessed from the terminal next to the dead settler and steamer trunk.

Quest stages[]

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Listen to the 'Burrows Mission Brief' Holotape
? Go to the Pump Station through The BurrowsA Brotherhood of Steel Field Scribe was investigating robotic activity in an underground Pump Station near Harpers Ferry. I think I'll look into this.
? Get past the Old Tunnel GateI need to go through the Old Tunnel to get to The Burrows, but the gate is locked. There's likely a key nearby.
? Search for a key to the Old Tunnel GateI've found the key that unlocks the Old Tunnel Gate in The Burrows.
? Player got past Old Tunnel Gate. Complete Objectives.
? Get past the Pump Station DoorPump Station access is restricted by a maglock door. The Pump Station Access Terminal should be able to open it.
? Turn the Release Valve to restore Pump Station Door Control
? Investigate the Pump Station for the source of activityThe Brotherhood Intel was correct - the Pump Station is covered with robots. I should search the station for evidence of their origin.
? Defeat the Security AssaultronI've found the source of activity - several robot fabricators and an Assaultron in the pump room. I should take care of the threat and defeat the Assaultron.
? Boss has died. Checked if any of its minions are alive. If so, give player objective to kill them. If not, end quest.
? Defeat the remaining Security Robots
?Quest finishedPlayer has defeated Boss and minions. Complete quest.

Behind the scenes[]

Waste Management was written and implemented by level designer Trevor Swafford, who also designed the story and layout of the Burrows.[1]