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The Warwick homestead is a location in the Commonwealth in Fallout 4.


This location once served as a waste treatment plant but is now host to a small family farming operation. There is a hardened primary structure containing sleeping quarters for the residents as well as a secondary building that contains an elevated walkway that leads to two large processing tanks.

This walkway grants access to service areas of the structures and eventually terminates above a processing tank. The elevated walkway is broken as it passes over the first processing tank, this can make accessing the second tank difficult. The second tank can be reached by jumping either from a forklift located directly beside the tank or by carefully performed jumps off of the hand rail on the broken walkway.

Notable loot

  • Mini nuke in the north western building next to a skeleton.
  • 2 Vault-Tec lunchbox One sitting on a shelf in the small service room attached to the processing tank on the elevated walkway, in the same room as the mini nuke. One on the boat leaning on a sandbar just to the west.
  • Giddyup Buttercup with a Teddy bear riding it, Located between the small service building and the first processing tank on the ocean side.

Related quests

  • Building a Better Crop: The Institute is running an experiment at the Homestead and wants the Sole Survivor to go there and check on things.
  • Warwick Homestead: Greenskins: Super Mutants are harassing the Homestead.
  • Atom Cats (misc.): Rowdy will ask the Sole Survivor to go over and repair their water purifier.
  • Bill Sutton (quest): Bill will pay 2 caps for each mutfruit or tato the player will bring him.



  • In order to gain Warwick Homestead as a settlement, you must complete the mission Building a Better Crop. Alternatively, it is possible to obtain without doing this quest by getting one of the radiant Minutemen quests for this location Warwick Homestead: Greenskins
  • The Warwick homestead has been chosen by the Institute to facilitate field testing of various genetically-modified specimens in the unique climate of the Commonwealth, due to the exceptionally fertile soil found at Warwick Homestead. The goal for this operation is to modify the plants in order to accelerate the growth rate as well as to increase the growth size.
  • To the northern end of the site under the broken metal walkway, there is a set of three wooden blocks forming the word BYE next to some dried flowers; a Toy rocketship and Toy alien are stuck together with Duct tape on a wooden crate. It appears to be some form of memorial marker. It is not possible to move the toys or crate only steal/ loot or scrap them. When looted the toys separate along with the duct tape for looting and the crate can then be moved. Underneath the crate is a gold plated flip lighter.
  • Cricket can occasionally be found around the homestead.


The Warwick homestead only appears in Fallout 4.

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