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Ward's journal is a paper note in the Fallout 76 update Wastelanders.


The note can be found at Foundation, in the medical office pod across from the power armor stations.


When I first got to Foundation, I hid my raider history. I was ashamed of the things I'd done. I was afraid I would be punished by my new community. Mostly I was afraid I deserved to be punished. Then I found an old copy of "Be Better Than Your Worst Self" by Dr. Bryce Jayhart. It changed my life.

First, I had to admit my worst self to everyone. I confessed my raider history. I thought for sure they'd exile me or lock me up. Instead they forgave me.

Second, I have to take a daily inventory of how I was better today than the worst I was yesterday. It's a meditation exercise.

Third, I have to repeat "I'm better than this" to myself everytime I get down or disappoint myself or others. I actually got it tattooed on my arm. Not where everyone can see it, but where I see it every day.

Every day is a struggle, but every day I work to make myself and Foundation a better place to live. I just wish I could sign up for his 29 part self-help workshop series. They would be worth the $999 each.