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War games is a holotape in Fallout 76.


It can be found inside of the cave at Spruce Knob Lake, on a dresser next to a bottle of boiled water.


Elizabeth Taggerdy: We're in the mission boundary, right, Weber?

Gary Weber: Uh, we're at... Spruce Knob. Uh. Two clicks. We're two clicks from the edge.

Elizabeth Taggerdy: So we hug the line, move hard, move fast. And we may catch the marines with their pants down.

Johnny Moreno: LT, you may want to listen to this?

Elizabeth Taggerdy: What is it, Moreno?

Johnny Moreno: The comm. The chatter's weird. Let me...

Female even-toned: "Confirmed nuclear strike on New York. Shit. Shit."

Male rough: "Oh god, it's the end... The end!"

Male old:"Keep all the-" *static*

Johnny Moreno: The whole channel's been... blocked? Not sure how they're doing that.

Gary Weber: Man, the brass has gone all out. Is this part of the war game, Lieutenant?

Elizabeth Taggerdy: In the event of a nuclear exchange, we are to immediately seek orders from a superior. For the purpose of these war games, however, we are completely on our own. Cut off from command.

Ted Wilson: Any standing orders we can fall back on, Lieutenant?

Elizabeth Taggerdy: None that I know of-

Johnny Moreno: Whoa. Did you...?

Gary Weber: There's one over there, too.

Ted Wilson: Mother of...

Johnny Moreno: Uh, this isn't no war game?

Elizabeth Taggerdy: Turn that off.