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Wanted status or bounties are a gameplay mechanic in Fallout 76.


Bounties, or wanted status, are a consequence for lockpicking doors, resources, and containers belonging to other players or by destroying objects in their C.A.M.P. Each transgression will add toward the overall sum of the bounty. A wanted player and their bounty are visible to all other players from the map, indicated by a red banner.

A wanted player will not see the locations of any players or C.A.M.P.s on the map, except for teammates. Wanted players are considered flagging for PvP with any player, even teammates or temporary event teammates. Another player may automatically begin PvP by attacking the wanted player. Killing the marked player subtracts the sum of the bounty from their caps and transfers it to their killer.[1]

If killed, one can choose to "seek revenge" against the player that has a bounty, which will count as an agreement to mutual PvP with them. Successfully bringing one's killer to justice will award the full bounty on their head, and allow one to reclaim any junk stolen from them previously. If a murderer is unable to pay their full bounty, all damage they deal to other players will be reduced by 50% for the following four hours. This is in addition to the damage reduction already in place for attacks against those who don't return fire.

Survival mode

  • The seek revenge respawn option is disabled but players can spend caps to place bounties instead, causing them to appear as "wanted" for everyone in that world.[2]
  • Half of the caps spent by the slain player will appear as the bounty reward, and the minimum cost to place a bounty is 200 caps.
  • Those with bounties will always show up on the map, alongside the current top three players.


  • Bottlecaps earned through bounties will not be divided amongst team members.