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The wanamingo is a creature in Fallout 76, introduced in the Skyline Valley update. Only one wanamingo appears in-game, found dead in the Vault 63 organics sector.


The wanamingo is a fleshy, stout creature with strange proportions. It has a short torso connected to stocky arms and legs and a very large head with an equally large mouth, containing many needle-like teeth. It deviates quite drastically in its anatomy from the wanamingo featured in Fallout 2. Instead of tentacle-like, wavy arms, it has arms with claws. It appears to stand on its legs in a plantigrade manner, rather than the digitigrade fashion that appears in Fallout 2 wanamingos. Additionally, it has leathery, fleshy skin as opposed to the shiny, dark colored skin present in Fallout 2 variants. Finally, while wanamingos from Fallout 2 have a smooth, eyeless head that gives them a resemblance to the Xenomorph from the Alien franchise, the Fallout 76 variant appears to have eyes or nostrils, a significantly larger gape, and spines that run along the top of its head.


The only known location of the wanamingo is the corpse of a test subject in the Vault 63 organics sector, found near the relevant note Dead subject.


A wanamingo plushie was first implemented in-game with the One Wasteland for All update.

Behind the scenes[]

  • The visual appearance of the wanamingo is not based on the wanamingo enemies from Fallout 2, but the unused Fallout 3 concept art drawn by the late Adam Adamowicz.
  • Although the dead creature found in Vault 63 is never explicitly referred to as a wanamingo, its texture files identify it as one.[verification overdue] Additionally, the wanamingo plushie uses the name of the creature, and is visually identical to the corpse. In spite of this, in Fallout 2, wanamingos were originally named after the Great Wanamingo Mine in Redding, set over a century after the events of Fallout 76.