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Gametitle-FO3 PL
...However; you will need an authorization code to trigger the self-destruct sequence. One of our field operatives in your area, Agent Yang, has these codes hidden in a dental capsule, but her current whereabouts are unknown. Locate and rendezvous with Agent Yang, then destroy the submarine. Report to your safehouse for extraction information when the mission is complete.Espionage debriefing holotape

Wan Yang (whose aliases include: Jamie Patrick, Maria Lopez, Stanley Derrick and Five-Claw-Dragon) was a Chinese spy in Point Lookout in the year 2062. Her skeleton is found at the Turtledove Detention Camp in the year 2277.


Wan Yang was a Chinese spy active in the pre-War United States. Arrested as a suspect during the investigation of the Niagara Sabotage in 2062, she managed to escape during a transfer to Albany, New York. Years later, an anonymous tip led to her being captured in Point Lookout by the DIA, where she died at Turtledove Detention Camp during an interrogation.

It is noted in her interrogation report that she "demonstrates remarkable resistance to interrogation, but yielded **CLASSIFIED**, connecting the Chinese Intelligence Community to **CLASSIFIED**". There are a number of possibilities for what these entries could have been; "Dr Jiang" and "the recovered Chinese submarine" or "the location of a secret Chinese Intelligence Bunker" and "the Calvert family".


Wan Yang's dead body can be found sticking out of an open safe in the test cell "DLC04zTestMarkiepoo", which can only be accessed through console commands. This body is actually a container for the submarine's self-destruct codes.


Wan Yang does not appear alive in any Fallout game but she plays a role in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout. Agent Yang is mentioned in terminal entries in Point Lookout's naval recruiting center and Turtledove Detention Camp, a wanted poster in the light house and a local bank, as well as various holotapes relating to the quest The Velvet Curtain. Her corpse can be found in the morgue of the detention camp.