Walter Scott was an employee of the Vault-Tec Regional HQ in 2077.


Of the employees in the basement warehouse[1] of the Commonwealth regional headquarters of the Vault-Tec Corporation, Walter was one of the first to notice irregularities in their supply shipments. On October 7, 2077, he informed his colleague Martin Reid, who was already suspicious from the fifteen crates of Psycho and Jet to Vault 95,[2] of another massive and dubious shipment, marked "Vault 111 - DO NOT OPEN." Out of curiosity, he opened the crates in question and to his (and his colleague Mr. Reid's) perplexion, it was hundreds of gallons of liquid nitrogen, something that the vault wouldn't normally need.[3] This discovery compounded Mr. Reid's correct belief that the vaults in the Boston area were actually built to be experiments on their inhabitants, rather than to protect them as advertised.[4]

Walter, concerned for his fellow coworker, advised him not to keep bringing this to the attention of their boss, Frank Davidson, remarking on how he witnessed the assault Mr. Davidson committed against a different colleague, Roger, who was standing close to Mr. Davidson while taking a shot at the pool table in the lounge. Mr. Davidson believed that the only course of action was to crack Roger over the head with a pool cue, causing long-term hearing loss in Roger's right ear.[5]

The highlight of Walter's day at work was lunch, when he went upstairs to the lounge and socialized with Sharon, a fellow coworker. This came to an end on October 17, when, unaware of exactly how unstable and dangerous their boss truly was, Mr. Davidson killed her for some perceived minor slight against him. Her disappearance for a couple of days without notifying anyone was out of character and Walter worried about her, not knowing about the conflict between her and Davidson.[6]


Walter Scott is mentioned only in Fallout 4.


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