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The walking trail picnic area and vista[1] is an unmarked location in the Savage Divide region of Appalachia.


This picnic area is located on a cliff northwest of the North Cutthroat camp and southwest of Seneca Rocks. It can be reached by fast traveling to Seneca Rocks, then heading up a nearby hill to a checkpoint populated by Blood Eagles and fortified with various train parts. Past the Blood Eagles, the picnic area will be further up the hill to the left.

There are three picnic tables here, all of which have various junk items that can be taken. There is also a cooler, a lunch pail and a bear-proof trashcan that can be looted. A baby carriage, two bicycles and a dirt bike have also been abandoned at the picnic. There is one skeleton sitting at a table, and there are two on the rocks nearby, one of which holds a gun. Two glowing resin can be found on a tree at the picnic.

In between the dirt of the picnic area and the rocks of the cliff, there is a burial site containing random loot. It is the "X" of Savage Divide treasure map #8, and the cache can only be claimed if one has the treasure map in their inventory, like all other hidden treasures in Appalachia.


This is a possible location to wake up in after drinking Nukashine.


The walking trail picnic area and vista appears only in Fallout 76.



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    79. Walking Trail Picnic Area and Vista: Though the view is still there, the laughing picnic-goers have been replaced by skeletal corpses and slowly rotting junk."
    (Fallout 76 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Atlas of Appalachia)