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{Praying to herself} Oh Father, guide and protect us your humble children as we labor in the vineyards, and make us strong to resist those who would steal Zion from us.

Waking Cloud is a tribal living in Zion Canyon in 2281.


Waking Cloud is a Sorrows tribal, and one of Daniel's first converts. Daniel saved her life when she was giving birth to her third child, and taught her how to properly deliver children. She then became the Sorrows' midwife, and has started to learn Daniel's Mormon faith. Waking Cloud speaks with a good level of English, indicating she has been learning for a while.

Waking Cloud has a husband and three children, however her husband was killed by a White Leg as one of the first Sorrows to be evacuated to Grand Staircase. Daniel knows of this, but has kept it from Waking Cloud, fearing her reaction. Waking Cloud suspects that something is amiss, but trusts Daniel enough to know that he wouldn't keep anything important from her.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

Interactions overviewEdit

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  • Rite of Passage: When asked about her yao guai gauntlet, Waking Cloud tells the Courier that it was her rite of passage.
  • A Family Affair: Waking Cloud is worried about her children and husband after they evacuated from White Legs. Daniel knows the truth, but it will become the Courier's choice whether or not to tell her.
  • Chaos in Zion: Killing Waking Cloud (or another storyline-essential character) will start this quest.
  • The Grand Staircase: Waking Cloud can serve as the Courier's guide into The Father's cave.


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Waking Cloud turned bitter and resentful toward Daniel and the New Canaanites when she learned her husband's death had been concealed from her. She poisoned some of her tribe against New Canaanite teachings, making relations between the groups difficult from time to time. Lie to Waking Cloud about her husband.
Nvdlc02 endingslide wakingcloud
Waking Cloud was distraught when she learned of her husband's death, but took comfort from her tribe, and the compassion of the New Canaanites. She forgave Daniel for having concealed her husband's fate from her, and learned to accept his fate. When her grief faded, she took a husband from the Dead Horse tribe. At her bidding, he stayed close to home. Tell the truth to Waking Cloud about her husband.



  • Once Waking Cloud is recruited you will lose Follows-Chalk as a companion permanently. Any items you had given Follows-Chalk to hold for you will return to your inventory when he departs.
  • If you kill a friendly tribal while Waking Cloud is your companion, she will immediately depart for her home village and you will see messages stating that fact, and that she is no longer your companion.

Notable quotesEdit

  • "Waking Cloud is my name. I am midwife to the Sorrows. It sounds ill-omened, no? "Midwife to sorrows.""
  • "A Sorrow's Yao Guai Fist is a sacred symbol. It shows that we belong to the tribe and have willingly undertaken a dangerous quest to aid the tribe."
  • "Perhaps you do not fully understand the New Canaanites. I have seen the Father's images. His holy bride and holy son were given unto the world to save it. They dwelt in the caverns of the mountains, caverns which can still be seen today. The people sinned against Him, and were punished with the End That Came in Fire and the loss of the holy tongue. Only the New Canaanites were spared."
  • "Six years. He attended the birth of my third child. {Fond reminiscence} It was a hard birth. The River nearly carried my water to the Father, and my child's with it. Daniel knew the ways of New Canaan's medicine. He stepped in and saved both of our lives. After the birth, I asked Daniel if he would teach me what he knew of childbirth. He agreed, and so here I am." – (Asking her about her background with Daniel)
  • "{Praying to herself} Oh Father, guide and protect us your humble children as we labor in the vineyards, and make us strong to resist those who would steal Zion from us."


Waking Cloud appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts.

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