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This is a transcript for dialogue with Waiter Elwood.


# Scene Form ID Response Text Script Notes
14 0005C341 0005C43C I seem to have slacked off! I'll report for duty right now!
15 0005C476 Oh dear, is it time to work already? Very well then.
16 0005C4AA Another event you say? As long as it's not at all like the hot fondue debacle of 2175, I'm glad to work.
17 0005C4EF Whoops! Looks like I forgot to get back to work again! Sorry about that!
18 0005C4F5 Bugger it! I was enjoying my time off. I hope the little sods don't try to roast marshmallows under me again while I'm trying to work!
19 0005C511 Bah, I suppose the quicker I get back to work, the quicker you'll get off my case.
20 0005C515 What if I told you I was working? Not buying it, eh? It was worth a shot. Emphasize 'was'
21 0005C519 No, you get back to work! Oh, I'm dreadfully sorry. I didn't realize you were the new boss. Let's forget I said that, shall we? Moving on!
22 0005C51D Wonderful! I thought you'd never ask me! It's been too long since I've had to work, and I simply love doing it. Thank you!
23 0005C521 I suppose I've dawdled long enough. It's time to serve the children bucketloads of sweets before sending them off back to their parents.
24 0005C58C Can't you see I'm on break?
25 0005C58E I feel like I should be working soon, but no one has told me what to do for so long. I'm beginning to wonder if they've forgotten.
26 0005C59E Awaiting orders. But until those come along, I'll just take it easy right here.
27 0005C5A6 I seem to have forgotten what I was doing here. Oh well.
28 0005C5B2 I wonder when it will be time to work the function room again?
29 0005C5CA I'm not budging until I have to.
30 0005C5D6 I hope the boss doesn't catch me slacking off.
31 0005C675 There hasn't been work here for ages, or if there has, no one has told me to do a thing!
32 0005C689 Unless I'm mistaken, and some of my wiring has definitely crossed over the years, I was told to stay put right here. So that's what I'm doing.
33 0005C787 Fine time to relax and cool ones jets, as it were.