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WV Lumber Co. (West Virginia Lumber Company) is a location in the Forest region of Appalachia. It had been overrun by super mutants until the Free Radicals cleared the super mutants and made the lumber mill their main base of operations.


One of the staple companies of Appalachia located along Route 81A in Friendly, West Virginia, the WV Lumber Company employed an all-human workforce, offered good pay and hours to its employees amidst a shift to automation.[1][2]


WV Lumber Co. is a large lumber mill located near a set of train tracks, where the lumber was loaded onto train cars to be shipped to the rest of the region. There are several ancillary buildings on the property, as well as makeshift housing in form of tents and mobile homes. An abundance of shipping containers is also found, many of which have been opened and repurposed for storage or shelter.

The whole property is heavily fortified and access to it is limited. It has multiple different entrances, with the main entrance being a red container (can be opened by either pushing the button or using the intercom during the Hunter for Hire quest) on the eastern side, a locked white door (Picklock 0) behind some punji boards on the southern side, and two locked doors (a red one near the train tracks, a white one near the water tower, both are Picklock 0) on the northern side. It can also be accessed from the Ohio River on the western side.

Northern side

North of the main entrance is a cooking station, surrounded by two mobile homes, one large green tent, and a teal shipping container equipped with sleeping bags. Directly next to it, to the north and under a small tarpaulin, are two red shipping containers with a fenced gate, holding chems and aid items. Further to the north are some squared-off lumber stacks, a heavily modified limousine, a small shed with some junk items, and a large red water tower in the northwestern corner.

Western side

From the previously mentioned cooking station to the west are several benches, and a small bandstand with a metal barrel and a steel guitar in front of a small podium, with an elevated chair behind it. Next to the chair is a trigger for activating flamethrower traps, which are attached to the sides of the structure.

To the north is a medical supplies vending machine in front of a large two-story shed, which is filled with more squared-off lumber stacks, and has a small dressing room with lockers on its western side. To the south is a small shed, containing several holding cells, two of which are locked (Picklock 0) and hold settler corpses.

Near the shed is a long ramp, leading up to the main building with the lumber saw and to the office interior. A set of stairs, to the right of the ramp, is leading up to a small balcony, which has a locked tool chest next to some wood piles. Several more sets of stairs lead up to the roof of the building. Next to the Ohio River, there is also a small pier with a docked trawler and the red water mill, which is no longer operational due to being sunk into the mud.

Southern side

A spacious, two-story storage shed is located south of the main entrance. Its first floor has two power armor stations, an armor workbench, and a locked tool chest (Picklock 0) as well as various junk items. The second floor has more junk items as well as a makeshift bar on the roof.

Nearby to the south is a small garage, equipped with a chemistry station and a locked explosives crate (Picklock 0) next to a tire. West of both buildings are a cooking station and a large green tent, the latter has a locked footlocker (Picklock 0) and a couple of beds.

In the southwestern part are two train cars with logs, a water tower, two silos, and a wooden structure with an automated turret. A set of stairs on the main building's southern side leads up to the lumber saw and the door to the office.


The office consists of three floors and an underground tunnel leading to a cavern. Upon entering, one finds themselves on the second floor, which has a Port-A-Diner, chemistry station, brewing station, and a small bar section along with a pool table. A set of stairs in the northeastern corner, next to the bar, leads up to the third floor, which has a tinker's workbench along with several lockers and beds.

The stairs in the southwestern corner lead down to the first floor, which has a caps stash on a long wooden table, a fusion generator, and a locked safe (Picklock 0) next to a table in the eastern corner. A makeshift ramp leads down into a short tunnel, which opens up into a small cavern and is the home of Roper and his bodyguard Jacky. A weapons workbench and an armor workbench are also located here.

Notable loot

Holotapes and notes
  • Three potential Vault-Tec bobbleheads:
    • On the edge of the roof, in the waste bin.
    • In the partly ruined maintenance garage next to the stacked squared-off lumber, inside the structure with the "protect your hands" poster.
    • Inside the red barn storage warehouse, on the raised area by an upturned filing cabinet and first aid box.
  • Four potential magazines:
    • To the east, in the metal warehouse with a chemistry station, on a metal desk.
    • In the main mill building, on the middle floor with the large table saw, on a dining table near the stairwell.
    • To the east of the main building, on top of a single metal barrel next to a large light green container with a ladder.
    • In the guard tower of the building to the left of the blue and white camper, on a table. There's a turret on the stairs.
Other loot
  • Power armor chassis with raider armor pieces - At one of the power armor stations in the two-story metal building at the east side of the complex.
  • Two fusion cores:
    • In the fusion generator in the lower level of the central lumber mill building on the west side of the complex.
    • In the warehouse near the modified limousine, on a desk with a broken terminal, on the left.
  • Potential armor plan - In the same two-story metal building as the power armor chassis, to the right of an armor workbench, inside a cabinet, on the middle row.
  • Potential armor mod - Near an armor workbench in the two-story metal building at the east side of the complex, on a wooden crate, on the right.
  • Potential weapon mod - At the metal warehouse, on a rolling table, in a blue basket.
  • A chainsaw can rarely spawn on the table in front of the fusion generator on the interior's lower level.
  • Significant amounts of wood piles around the location.


The remains of a farm with palisades are located on the hill northeast of the location.


WV Lumber Co. appears only in Fallout 76.

Behind the scenes

Level designer Craig Bernardo worked on this location's original layout, as well as its changes with the Wastelanders update.[3][4]





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