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The WRVR broadcast station is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


Before the Great War, WRVR broadcast to the Greater Boston area. However, the broadcast tower was built in proximity to the military's relay tower 1DL-109, meaning the station broadcasts would experience interference if the military found it necessary to broadcast.[1][Non-canon 1]

Since then, the Charles River Trio, comprised of Anne Hargraves, George Cooper, and Rex Goodman (if Curtain Call has been completed), may be found here. They perform plays on the radio, with Anne taking on all of the female roles. She may be asked to join a settlement, however, and leaves readily, without any protests or remarks from her colleagues. Recently, Goodman, a member of the trio, was taken hostage by super mutants at Trinity Tower, and his comrades have been concerned that he won't return to them in one piece, if at all.


The station is a small, bunker-like building with a radio tower on the roof. It is situated next to a bridge spanning the Charles River. The interior consists of a reception area and a slightly larger central room that leads to a bathroom and an acoustically treated studio. In the central room is a ladder leading to the roof. The roof features a table holding a surgical tray, upon which is a baseball bat and several baseballs, all of which may be freely taken.


Notable loot

  • Live & Love issue #12 - On a table in the central room.
  • Notice to WRVR - On a desk to the right of the ladder in the central room, next to the soundboard, after successfully completing Curtain Call.

Related quests

  • Curtain Call: When the Sole Survivor gets close to Trinity Tower, they will receive a distress call on their Pip-Boy radio from Rex Goodman, who is trapped on the top of Trinity Tower. Upon listening to the broadcast, they can aid in his rescue.


  • A leveled radscorpion may burst from the ground directly in front of the entrance.
  • Unlike those at radio tower 3SM-U81, the satellite dishes here are not extendable.
  • When inside the building, several companions will make comments about the inhabitants, calling them the "Charles River Trio" and expressing disdain for their apparently infamous broadcasts. Despite this, no radio station featuring the Trio exists in-game.
  • If one brings MacCready here, he will comment that he misses hearing Three Dog's radio broadcasts.

Companion comments

  • When at this location, companions make comments, which are activated in the control room.
Location comments
Character Comment
Cait "Whatever you do... please don't turn on your radio. That shite gives me a headache."
Codsworth "At least radio is still alive these days. I wonder if they'll ever manage to revive the telly."
Curie "Oh, can we go in and meet the DJ?"
Danse "Ah yes, the home of the famed "Charles River Trio." What? You're not the only one with a radio, you know."
Deacon Opinions are mixed, but I happen to like the Charles River Trio."
John Hancock "Huh. Ain't this where the "Charles River Trio" broadcasts? Not enough Jet in the world to fix what comes outta there."
Nick Valentine "The cultural center of the Commonwealth sits in that building. Heartbreaking, isn't it."
Piper Wright "Oh, this is where the Charles River Trio "performs." Come on, let's get out of here before they ask us to watch."
Preston Garvey "WRVR... oh, no. This is where the Charles River Trio broadcasts from. We'd better get out of here."
Robert MacCready "I miss the Capital Wasteland's radio... Three Dog was a hell of a DJ."
X6-88 "The SRB monitors all radio broadcasts in the Commonwealth. We think the Railroad might be sharing coded messages that way."


The WRVR broadcast station appears only in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes

  • In the documentary The History of Bethesda Game Studios, an early map for Fallout 4 is shown. A location called "KFOW Broadcasting" can be seen where WRVR broadcast station is in-game, indicating this was an earlier name of the station during development. However, the KFOW name would have been inaccurate, as Boston is east of the Mississippi River, where all call signs start with the letter W, as in WRVR.
  • In the real world, the call letters WRVR belong to a radio station operating out of Memphis, Tennessee, 104.5 The River. KFOW also exists in the real world as a radio station in Waseca, MN as 106.3 FM/1170 AM Fox News Radio


PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One George and Anne will initiate their conversation about Rex being held captive by the super mutants upon entering the station for the first time even if Curtain Call has been completed and Rex is already inside the station. [verified]




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    This local radio is home to the Charles River Trio and famous for their radio plays, though the third member of the group has gotten himself into a bit of a pickle. Listen to his panicked message and save him to help these folks out. Need a baseball bat? There’s one on the roof."
    (Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Map)