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WGRF Grafton is a radio station in Appalachia.


The radio station has its signal originating from Grafton in the Appalachian Toxic Valley. The town's mayor has been repeating the same message for some time, trying to beacon people to the town.[1][2]


This signal has a limited range, and can only be picked up near Grafton and its surrounding areas.



This is WGRF Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrafton Radio! This is your host, the mayor of Grafton! Okay...Is anybody listening? Anybody? That's what I thought. Well, If Anybody DOES hear this please come and see me at City hall, there's something I'd like to--Never mind just come over here right away. As in "Now". Or soon...

Behind the scenes

  • The real WGRF is a classic rock radio station in Buffalo, New York.
  • The real-life radio station based in Grafton, West Virginia is WVUS. It is a Catholic Religious formatted broadcast radio station


  1. WGRF Transcript
  2. Dr. Bethy Mangano: "[...] And I've heard some bugle calls from further that direction as well. It may be recorded though, it seems pretty regular. Still it might be a sign of civilization. I haven't checked into it."