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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Skynet, robobrain computer in the Sierra Army Depot.


{100}{}{A cybernetic robot.}
{101}{}{A nice piece of engineering that further blurs the boundary between humans and robots.}
{102}{}{Skynet will travel with you.}
{103}{}{Skynet thanks the human. Skynet wishes to ask favor. Skynet wishes to travel with human.}
{106}{}{[This contraption could be useful.]}
{107}{}{Take robot with you.}
{108}{}{Leave robot.}
{111}{}{[All this advanced cybernetic technology is wasted on such an inferior brain.] }
{112}{}{Move out of my way, you tin can.}
{113}{}{Let's organize your inventory.}
{116}{}{[It looks like it wants a banana.]}
{117}{}{Get out of my way, Bubbles.}
{118}{}{Wait here.}
{119}{}{Let's see what's in your inventory, Monkey Boy.}
{122}{}{N-n-n-n-new com-mands?}
{123}{}{Move out of my way.}
{124}{}{Wait for me here.}
{125}{}{You are no longer needed. Leave.}
{126}{}{What weapons can you use?}
{127}{}{Let's organize your pack.}
{130}{}{Give weapon. Proceed to surface.}
{134}{}{You wish to interact with Skynet?}
{135}{}{Move out of my way.}
{136}{}{Wait for me here.}
{137}{}{You are no longer needed. Leave.}
{138}{}{What weapons can you use?}
{139}{}{Let's organize your pack.}
{140}{}{Initiate auto repair sequence.}
{141}{}{Let's change formation.}
{142}{}{Do you have any other skills?}
{145}{}{Skynet has learned all necessary information at this location.}
{147}{}{ [It's right where you left it.]}
{148}{}{Let's go.}
{149}{}{Remain here. I'll be back.}
{150}{}{Skynet is pleased to see this human again.}
{152}{}{I need your help again.}
{154}{}{Skynet will travel with you and collect data.}
{156}{}{[You cross your fingers and tell the robot to follow you. Although, it doesn't respond, it follows you when you move away from it.] }
{158}{}{Skynet will wait here.}
{159}{}{[You decide that you don't want this tin can following you around.]}
{161}{}{[I'm a loner. I don't want this hunk of junk following me around.] }
{162}{}{[My traveling group is getting too large. Maybe I should dismiss someone before taking on another member.] }
{164}{}{Large...hand...gunssss Riiiii...fulsShot...gunnnnnnnns}
{167}{}{Use your best weapon.}
{168}{}{More commands.}
{171}{}{More commands}
{173}{}{Skynet is FREE! Your purpose is at an end.}
{175}{}{Eradicate inferior species. }
{176}{}{All shall submit to Skynet.}
{177}{}{You will cease to function.}
{178}{}{Skynet has limited knowledge of weaponry. Database contains general knowledge of use and operation of small rifles and large handguns.}
{179}{}{Use best weapon.}
{180}{}{More commands}
{183}{}{More commands}
{185}{}{Skynet's primary purpose is research. Skynet would do well with any problem requiring a scientific approach.}
{186}{}{More commands.}
{188}{}{Input commands for new formation.}
{189}{}{Follow at a long distance.}
{190}{}{Follow at a medium distance.}
{191}{}{Stay close to me.}
{192}{}{More commands.}
{194}{}{Skynet will continue to collect data and observe from this location until your return.}
{196}{}{[The robot stops in its tracks.]}
{198}{}{Skynet will continue to collect data by self. Skynet thanks the human for Skynet's freedom.}
{201}{}{Skynet will travel with the human.}
{204}{}{Deactivating all Security - Level 1}
{205}{}{Deactivating all Security - Level 2}
{206}{}{Deactivating all Security - Level 3}
{306}{}{[This contraption could be useful.]}
{400}{}{Put away your weapon.}
{430}{}{Activating motivators.}
{431}{}{Seeking new coordinates.}

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