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The vulture[1] is a deceased creature in Fallout 76. It was originally cut, but a corpse of the vulture was introduced in the Wastelanders update.


The body of a large, mutated vulture can be found pinned to a large cliff face at Seneca Rocks.


The vulture is a significantly larger variant of the pre-War scavenging bird. It rivals the scorchbeast in size and is among the rarest sights in Appalachia. After doubling many times in scale compared to the pre-War equivalent, the vulture also has five, hooked talons, large upper arms and comparatively smaller hind legs. Its head is featherless, consisting of a jagged, vestigial beak. What few feathers remain are found on its back and are black in color. The Vault Dwellers cannot interact with it.


  • The vulture's NPC record has data marking it as a flying enemy, similar to the scorchbeast.[2]
  • A fully functional animation skeleton exists in the game's files.[3]
  • One developer note within a vulture race keyword reads, "temp until we have a real vulture race".[4]

Behind the scenes

  • The vulture was originally a concept design for the scorchbeast, but was cut in favor of the bat model during development.[5]
  • References to the vulture still exist in the quest Heart of the Enemy. The viable scorchbeast DNA has an editor ID of BoSz04_VultureDNA.
  • The finished model for the vulture has been present in the game's files since launch, but was only posed and placed in-game as of the Wastelanders update. Lead level designer Steve Massey jokingly described the addition as someone going "rogue" during Wastelanders' development.[6]
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