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Nipton was a wicked place, debased and corrupt. It served all comers, so long as they paid. Profligate troops, Powder Gangers, men of the Legion such as myself - the people here didn't care. It was a town of whores. For a pittance, the town agreed to lead those it had sheltered into a trap. Only when I sprang it did they realize they were caught inside it, too.

Vulpes Inculta is the leader of the frumentarii in Caesar's Legion and one of the trusted men of Caesar, traveling in the Mojave Wasteland with a group of legionaries who attacked Nipton in 2281.


An individual from an tribe south of Utah, Vulpes was brought into the Caesar's Legion as a child.[1] Having survived training, he was made a legionary and fought well enough to be promoted to the rank of Decanus.[1] He became a Frumentarius following a brilliant tactical maneuver when in a battle against a tribe, he broke ranks, leading his squad through a hole in the enemy defenses and capturing the tribe's chieftain. While his centurion wanted him crucified for disobeying orders, Caesar saw potential in the young Decanus and found a more interesting use of him.[1] Since then, Vulpes' tactics have been a point of contention among the Legion, and while Caesar knows of the use of spying and deceit in war, not everyone agrees with the methods employed by Vulpes. Especially the most likely candidate for next Caesar of the Legion: Lanius.[2][3]

According to Ulysses, Vulpes Inculta was responsible for the destruction of the Twisted Hairs at Dry Wells[4][5] once the Legion's campaign ended in Arizona. Those of the Twisted Hairs who resisted were crucified alongside Interstate 40. By 2281, Vulpes is the leader of the Frumentarii and the mastermind behind many of the Legion's intrigues, such as outreaches into NCR controlled territory including Racket,[2] Battle of Nelson,[6] The slaughter at Nipton as well as the destruction of Camp Searchlight,[7] which was destroyed after legionaries released the contents of several radioactive waste containers kept in the city's fire station. This severely weakened the NCR's position in the area and allowed the Legion to cross the Colorado River and establish an outpost at Cottonwood Cove.[8] Along with orchestrating most (if not all) sabotages west of the Colorado, Vulpes is very capable on his own and a master of disguise, having visited the Strip several times before giving the Courier the Mark of Caesar.[9]


Vulpes is a devout believer of the dogma of Caesar perpetuating all his acts for the Legion, and firmly holds loyalty up as one the Legion's core tenets along with martial excellence and justice.[10] Following Caesar's ideals, Vulpes took to massacring Nipton to send a message that none are safe from Caesar's reach and prove the moral debauchery of those living under the NCR.[11] Vulpes is particularly disgusted by disloyalty and makes a point of punishing those caught in Nipton in a similar way that disloyalty is punished in the Legion.[12] A special punishment was given to the mayor, Joseph Steyn, burning him alive on a tire fire for trying to deceive those he put under his care.[13] Vulpes is also disgusted by inaction and selfishness, making note of how, even though his men were outnumbered by those caught in Nipton, none tried to revolt during the lottery.[14]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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Effects of player's actions

  • If Vulpes is killed by the Courier, Caesar will mention them killing him as part of his greeting; he will sound impressed.
    • If Vulpes is killed by the Courier, or otherwise dies after meeting them, a man named Alerio will give Caesar's Mark instead of Vulpes. Alerio will mention the death of "the fearless Vulpes Inculta" as an example of a crime the Courier is being forgiven for.
  • If the Courier passes Nipton and first encounters Vulpes in New Vegas, Vulpes will start the Nipton conversation with a mention of that encounter on The Strip, wondering if the Courier recognizes him, after which his normal Nipton dialogue commences; however if Vulpes has died by the time the Courier approaches the Nipton Town Hall, Gabban will be coordinating the lottery in his place.
  • Vulpes appears to share a rivalry with Legate Lanius, the two occasionally criticizing each other at various points. The two are quite ideologically opposed, and Vulpes will show somber disappointment if Caesar is allowed to die during Et Tumor, Brute?, as well as visible relief if Caesar lives.
  • Killing Vulpes after receiving the Mark of Caesar may cause the legionaries at Cottonwood Cove and The Fort to turn hostile for a few in-game days.

Other interactions

  • Vulpes Inculta is potentially one of the first members of Caesar's Legion encountered by the Courier in the Mojave Wasteland. He is originally found at Nipton after massacring the town with his fellow legionaries. When speaking to the Courier, he will explain the reason for destroying the settlement, as well as give the assignment to spread the word of Legion atrocities. If the Courier tells Vulpes that they appreciate the Legion's form of justice, they will gain fame with the Legion. Choosing the second option, "I guess they got what was coming to them" also gains Legion fame.
  • The Courier can use the Terrifying Presence perk on Vulpes when they first meet him in Nipton; this will turn him and his legionaries hostile.


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Vexillarius helmet* and Legion explorer armor or Legion prime armor
Dapper gambler hat** and Dapper gambler suit**
Ripper Legion ear
* Only in Nipton
** Only on the Strip


  • Killing Vulpes on the Strip when he comes to offer one the Mark of Caesar does not result in the securitrons attacking them or anyone else on the Strip becoming hostile. The same is true for Alerio. However, killing either of them grants Legion Infamy, and The Finger of Suspicion quest will fail by killing Vulpes. If either character gets too far away from the Tops before one kills them, the securitrons will become hostile. However, sometimes Vulpes can be killed outside of the Tops without failing Render Unto Caesar or gaining Legion Infamy.
  • If one reverse-pickpockets an explosive onto him after he gives the Mark of Caesar, the Render Unto Caesar quest can still continue.
  • After leaving Nipton, he will vanish as soon as he is out of the player character's sights. However, if he is followed the entire way, he will head to Cottonwood Cove with his men. They will pass through Camp Searchlight and may be killed along the way, causing any associated quests to fail. If they survive, they will head towards the raft, at which point his men will disappear from the game, though Vulpes will stick around until the player character leaves.
  • Vulpes has a special factional setting that causes most wasteland creatures, including deathclaws and super mutants, as well as raiders, to ignore him instead of attacking him. He will still be attacked by robots and NCR forces, however. His entourage does not have this factional setting and will be attacked as normal by any wasteland inhabitants.
  • Although Vulpes is depicted with light hair on the Collector's Edition playing card, he has a dark buzz cut in-game.
  • He is one of only five named characters in the base game to have "Very Evil" Karma, the others being Cook-Cook, Duke, Mortimer, and Philippe.
  • In Mayor Steyn's journal, he refers to Vulpes as "a rather intense young man." Furthermore, if Arcade is a companion when exiting the Tops for the first time, Arcade will comment on Vulpes, stating that he is the Legion's "most notorious" spy.
  • Boxcars, the only other survivor of Nipton, refers to Vulpes as "that asshole with a dog on his head" referring to his Vexillarius helmet.

Notable quotes


Vulpes Inculta appears only in Fallout: New Vegas and is mentioned in the Lonesome Road add-on.[4]

Behind the scenes

In Latin, vulpes translates as "fox," while inculta can translate as "uncultivated" or "rough."


  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 There's a glitch which can prevent you from being able to speak with Vulpes, even when he triggers the conversation. The camera will zoom in on him as it would usually do when initiating conversation, but will then quickly retract, bringing the player back into control. Reloading to a recent save doesn't seem to fix the issue. A possible fix is to reload to a save before confronting Benny, then walking out of the casino before talking to Yes Man, this has been observed to work in several cases. This may be caused by obtaining a large amount of legion infamy. [verified]
  • Xbox 360Xbox 360 If you meet Vulpes Inculta at The Strip before meeting him at Nipton and then meet him at the Fort and THEN travel to Nipton you will spot him there but if you try to talk to him the camera will zoom in and zoom out. This appears to be caused by failing 'Booted' before visiting Nipton. [verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 There is a bug involving Vulpes' death. If the player kills him near the entrance to Caesar's Tent in the Fort, his body will vanish before it can be looted. It is unknown why this happens, but Vulpes' body simply vanishes from the game shortly after death. [verified]



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