Vortis' holding center is a slave holding center and, as the name suggests, it is run by Vortis in New California in 2241.


The holding center's primary building is in two parts: the first, largest part is where the counter, Vortis and a large number of slavers can be found. This is where the slaves are handed over to Vortis for 'safe keeping'. The second room has two large double beds and a few lockers.

The holding pens themselves are split into four blocks each with four cells, totaling sixteen cells. This area is constantly guarded by one slaver who will attack those who stray into this area. There is also a small outhouse here with nothing more than a small water-closet.

The whole area is enclosed by a chain-link fence for extra security.

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Vortis' holding center appears only in Fallout 2.


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